Just another Saturday....

So what am I going to do today?  This week my husband introduced a muscle bulding plan to our weekly routine.  We've been losing weight pretty steadily now for about 10 months.  I started at 260lbs in January 2010.  I'm now down to 177.  That puts me down about 83/84 lbs.  My husband is now below 200 lbs which was a long time problem for him.

We went to the the plastic surgeon to see if I would qualify for a body lift. It's what they do to folks who have had extreme weight loss.  I did qualify but the cost was through the roof.  It was roughly 6k for each procedure and there are about 4 or 5 of them.  Can't swing 20k for looks right now so it's back to the balance ball and free weights to try to add some muscle under this loose skin.

We got up this morning and took our suppliments with a glass of milk and he headed off to drop off a bed.  I'm sitting here finishing up some work that I needed to get done for my job and then we're off to Raleigh.

I found a metaphysical store there that I can't wait to go see. It's called Dancing Moon.  I'm very excited to try to find myself a new Amethyst Crystal Point.   I've seen several online, on ebay and so on but I just need to really put my hands on the crystal to feel it talk to me. 

After that we're off to Whole Foods to pick up all our fruits and veggies that we need for the next two weeks.  I love going there.  It makes me feel good to get food that's good for me.  I'm not as tired as I used to be, I'm not in as much pain and I've even been able to lower my pain meds by one dose a day. Which is awesome!

This nutritional approach to life is really starting to grow on me.

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