Puppies, Rescues and the Day of Rememberance.

So so much going on this month.  I told you it was my favorite month.  My eight year anniversary is fast approaching.  I've ended up having to move my mother this coming weekend so any hopes of going off for our anniversary are pretty much out the window.

We added a new female to our pack over the last 2 weeks.  She's doing wonderful.  Hopefully she'll give us great puppies.  We had to spay our smallest female as she was just too tiny to have babies.  I helped rehome some GSDs this last week as well.  Hopefully they all ended up at the rescue safe and sound.

I can't stand working with rescues. They are all so holier than than thou and they spend so much time deciding why I can't have a dog that they end up losing more than they actually help.  Not to mention, they required that the owner spay/neuter the dog before they take it.  So really what are they doing for the 300.00 they charge for a dog?  The dog is vetted and healthy when they get it. So they really do nothing. Maybe we should stop calling them rescues and start calling them brokers.

Next month is when Transgender Day of Rememberance is.  It's always a very sad sad time.  I wanted to share the link so that if you're in an area that has any type of gathering you might be able to attend.

I'm extremely excited about Samhain this year.  My husband and I have decided to renew our vows.  We were married 8 years ago in Balboa Park's Rose Garden in San Diego CA on Samhain.  This time our vows will be renewed in our own back yard.  I love him dearly and thank all the energies that led me to him.

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