A Mother's Love.....

So this past week was insane.  I took PTO from work for the week and started working on all the cool things I needed to get done before the week was out.  Wednesday came rolling around and I was over at my mother's to help her move.

Perhaps saying that I was at my mother's to dig her out of the filth she was living in is a better choice of words.  My mother has never been much of a house keeper ... add that to having two of her kids living with her with their kids.. Fatherless of course and that she's had a quadruple bypass well you get the picture.  There was crap everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  Trash, clothes, food, more trash and more trash.  One of my younger sisters, the one with two kids under 12 and no husband as apposed to the one with one kid under 1 and no husband, were suppose to help get our mother packed.

Needless to say that didn't happen.  I was there for over six hours cleaning up the crap left by my disgusting family.  I come home and send a facebook message to her, basically bitching her out for not staying to help out.  GET THIS.  She TELLS on me!  Yes, you heard me, this 37 year old mother of two, instead of talking to me like an adult, calls our mother!!  Wait it gets better.... My mother calls me and tells me to leave her alone!!  What am I? Two Years old???  You've got to be kidding me.

I just can't take any more crap from her.  I've had it. She tossed me aside when I was a baby to run off and party with her friends.  She left me with my grandmother to take care of along with my cousin, who's mother was what??? Yes off partying as well.  She then had more babies and ended up marring a man who molested me until I ran away from home at 15 years old.

Once again, my dear sweet mother picked someone else over me.  One more time after I sat and picked up her garbage and tried to take care of her, I was sacrificed.


I've decided that I'm done.  My mother is dead to me.  She's been dead for a long time I just didn't want to accept it.  I have now.  It's done.

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