And the rest of the story.....

So here we are at the end of the year. Time to make promises to do things or stop doing things.  Time to look back and reflect on the year you've had.

For me, it's been an amazing year.  I have lost 106lbs and improved my diet 100%.  My husband has taken on two clients to help with food and weight management.  My job is going amazingly and I even applied for a part time job as well as a community manager.  My daughter is working full time job remotely while attending school in London for her Master's degree.

I'm learning more about becoming Organic and living a more active healthy life.  We got a new motorcycle and will be riding it more and more as the weather warms up.

I am completely in love with my husband.

Life is good.


Could I have possibly stopped maturing at 13?  I know that I do adult things. I pay a mortgage, I pay a car payment I raised a daughter who is 23 now living abroad attending grad school.

But I still giggle and play and get distracted by sparkley things...

Maybe it's the bipolar... ;)


It seems like ages since I've posted here.  My world is reeling from working at the gym to the days getting longer and Yule approaching.  My life is probably the best it's ever been and my mind is fighting to accept it. Why do we set out to tear down what makes us strong? I'm self destructive.  I need to stop.

I love Levis

So my sister called  me today to ask me to come to the Pottery with her.  I usually like spending my time off with my husband.  For some reason today I decided to head off to Smithfield with my sister to shop.  We looked around the pottery and then over to the Levis outlet.  I love levis... well I love them now since dropping 100 pounds.  I had been complaining over the past few weeks about how baggy my pants were getting.

At the Levis Outlett the jeans were on sale for 19.99 a pair so I figured I'd find a fit that I liked.  You know.. amd I a 501 or a 505.  As it turns out I'm a 515 kinda girl.  So I pulled out a pair of size 12 boot cut to see how they fit.  Baggy baggy baggy... I thought.. what the hell, let me try on a pair of 10s.  HAPPY DANCE!!  I can hit my happy ass in a pair of size 12 jeans.  I have lost TWELVE PANT SIZES.  HOLY CRAP!

Jeans ROCK