I love Levis

So my sister called  me today to ask me to come to the Pottery with her.  I usually like spending my time off with my husband.  For some reason today I decided to head off to Smithfield with my sister to shop.  We looked around the pottery and then over to the Levis outlet.  I love levis... well I love them now since dropping 100 pounds.  I had been complaining over the past few weeks about how baggy my pants were getting.

At the Levis Outlett the jeans were on sale for 19.99 a pair so I figured I'd find a fit that I liked.  You know.. amd I a 501 or a 505.  As it turns out I'm a 515 kinda girl.  So I pulled out a pair of size 12 boot cut to see how they fit.  Baggy baggy baggy... I thought.. what the hell, let me try on a pair of 10s.  HAPPY DANCE!!  I can hit my happy ass in a pair of size 12 jeans.  I have lost TWELVE PANT SIZES.  HOLY CRAP!

Jeans ROCK

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