No Name Calling Week

This week is No Name Calling week. This is very interesting because of the recent high number of LGBT suicides that were listed in the media. After my post on Ricky Martin's video, I find it very interesting that this comes about now.

LGBT people have been tormented for the majority of their lives; if out and lost and forgotten if in their closets. Each day we have to decide if we want to expose a hidden part of our lives to other people around us. Something as simple as telling a coworker about going to a movie changes from a simple discussion to a life or death decision. So many times I've heard, "I don't hate gay people, they just need to not put their lifestyle in my face." Really? So is that a picture of your wife on your desk? We can assume so much about people but we rarely assume that that person is someone who is another human being just like yourself. We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are. LGBT people are no different.

It all begins at home, show me a person who hurls hateful remarks and calls names and I'll show you a person who was not shown love or understanding as a child. We can fix this. I'm adding the link to GLSENs press release for No Name Calling Week as well as a link to their Facebook Page.

Take a moment to check them out!

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