What makes people go off?

We've already established that I am a person with Borderline Personality Disorder as well as Bipolar Disorder. I have a tendency to react out of "fear" of loss or the "fear" of losing something. I logged into my social media site this morning and noticed that one of my younger cousin was making public statements of violence to another person. I sent a private email to which she cussed me out.

My first response was to try to work it out. Obviously there was a miscommunication right? I mean you wouldn't cuss out someone trying to help you right? Maybe not. Being young and dumb allows you the freedom to say stupid shit and to act stupid and no one says anything. No one does anything. I hope for her sake no one takes her comments seriously. I hope for her son's sake that no one calls the police and tosses her silly ass in jail. There goes her kid, and her husband's military career. That'll teach family from meddling in her business right?

Ahhh to be young and dumb.

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