Got Lemons? Don't make Lemonade - Make Tea

Today seems to be a day for fussing amongst friends. I'm seeing several of those close to me fighting and carrying on. I know it seems to be a really important disagreement. Things tend to get heated when everyone is very passionate about their side.

Take a moment. Breath. Think about what's really important.

Some things are more important to me than other things. I can always agree to disagree. I think this is the most effective tool in a heated debate. Be able to accept that just because you believe a certain way, doesn't mean that it's the "right" way. What's "right" for me, may be "wrong" for someone else. We can however agree, that I believe the way I do, and you believe the way you do, and even though we disagree on this particular topic, that doesn't mean that we disagree about everything.

Light a candle and meditate.

Or maybe some tea

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