The i's Have it!

So yesterday my sister comes over for a quick visit and I tell her about my day. I had decided I needed more/better connectivity with my world so I suggest that she add me to her cell plan so I can get a phone w/o having to pay the stupid rates that they have. I mean it's just crazy how expensive it is.

She says... I think we should go get an iPhone. Well hellllllo I'm all over that. So my wonderful sister goes up with me to a new cell carrier and transfers her number to a new iPhone and my wonderful husband says "Happy Valentine's Day" and buys me a sexy new iPhone 4. Ummm Am I the luckiest woman on the planet? Say YES! (nodding vigorously)

Yes, I am spoiled. I have a wonderful family, a loving daughter and husband who always try to make sure I have the gadgets I love. A wonderful sister who added me to her account so she could talk to me daily. Yes, we use the video chat... we're geeks! It certainly made my slightly annoying week 100X better.

So a day late, but never ever forgotten, thanks to my family who will never have to say....

Can you hear me now?

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