Paws on my Heart

So if you looked around my house, you'd have no doubt that I am an animal lover. My mother likes to tell a story of how I would have pet flies if you'd let me as a kid. I was always finding critters to bring home and take care of.

Today I look around my house and I have 48 chickens, 3 ducks, 2 Boxers, 5 Chihuahuas, 2 Cats, 3 birds and a ferret.

I do indeed love animals. All animals. It breaks my heart to see abandoned and neglected animals. That's one of the main reason's I stopped eating meat. I just couldn't stand it. Weekly I go to two sites, and to have a look at all the homeless animals there, and post them on facebook to try to help them get homes. I've not had anyone contact me yet to tell me they rescued one of the animals I posted, but I do go back and check from time to time to see if they're still there.

Today I'm sharing these sites here in hopes that someone out there would find their new best friend at the a shelter.

Here are some pics of my babies....

Here we have Melon - my daughter's cat, he's staying with us until she get's settled in London. He'll be headed across the pond next year to move in with his Mommy

Next we have Sheba, she's my hubby's kitty. She's eight years old and tries to swat me sometimes.

This is the only picture I have of the chickens... they are not this little now. They're now out in a big hen house with about 1200 square feet of yard to scratch for bugs... They lay brown eggs.

These are my bully ducks, these two pick on the other little guy down there
This is the poor little thing who gets picked on.

This is Cigi. He's a rescue. He was born deaf. He won't come when you call him, but he will come if you wave at him. Cigi is bigger than this now, I need to get some new pictures.

This is Baphomet Thorn. He's 1/2 German purebred boxer with 16 champions in his line.. but better than that he's got a big ole head and is darn cute!

This is Luna, Butch and Gia in a bed together.

This is Chloe, she's a rescue too.

This is my baby Solstice. She's tiny tiny and loves sleeping on my lap.

Last but not least is my Ferret Latimer. He's the newest addition to the family. Eli build him a great cage and he's in my office with me. He comes out and plays and is really a great boy.

If you have a chance, bring a pet into your life. They'll make you feel so much better.

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