Weigh In & Fibro Update

Good Morning Everyone!

I've had an opportunity to share my message of healthy organic living to a small following of my friends on Facebook. I also have been posting in the forums on a site called Patients Like me.

As many of you know about a year ago I decided to clean up my life, inside and out. I decided to go back into active practice of Wicca and to stop putting harmful chemicals in my body.

Just after my 41st birthday I decided that I would stop drinking Sweet Tea, now from a southern girl that's a HUGE deal! I switched to water. By July I was down 40 pounds. In July I watched two movies that changed the way I thought about food. One is called Food Matters and the other is Food Inc. Watching these shows and seeing how food is made, created and processed startled me. Seeing the treatment of the animals, was indeed horrifying. How could I abide by the rule of three, when each bite I took was HARMING. I decided to become a vegetarian.

My life since that decision has become amazing. I have lost 106lbs. I went from a size 24 to a size 10 Missy in just under a year. I feel AMAZING! In November of this last year I started at the gym and began taking vitamin supplements. My energy has increased 100% and my body is thanking me everyday for the positive attention. I picked up a book called "Prescription for Nutritional Healing". The section on FIBRO opened my eyes and let me see that Fibro is just build of toxins in your muscles. It's also seen that most with Fibro have a Vitamin D deficiency. I picked up some vitamin D and some green tea and away I went.

A year ago, my husband couldn't hug me because I would pull away in pain. Today, we cuddle, hold hands and he even picks me up and squeezes me.

I believe that the way to make us all healthier is to get off the toxic foods that are available today and switch to an organic diet. Get rid of those processed foods and junk foods. Open up your life to fresh fruits and veggies. If you must eat meat, choose grass fed over corn fed. Whole Foods Market offers a rating system to choose the meat options that best fit your particular position.

So in summary, my weigh in and update is this... I'm at 162lbs now, yes still obese for my 5'1 frame, but I'm working on it. My water intake is up and my garbage intake is down.

Life is good.

Blessed Be.


Myster said...

oh my gosh.... this is so amazing.... thank you for sharing this blog. I know so many people who suffer from fibro and I know that they are always in pain... I am so happy for you, becuase that is such a huge thing when you can suddenly cuddle again after all that pain.... gosh.. what a path you have come along. congratulations and i hope that i can become as focused as you are..

Take care and Brightest Blessings,

Sosanna said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I try to share as much as I can because I have sat next to the bed and sobbed in frustration. I try to tell everyone I know about this to help others with the same issues. :)