21 Day Meditation Challenge

So yesterday I got an email from my husband. Yes, an email. From the living-room. 8)

The email simply said. Join me for 15 minutes in the living-room. Confused by this random email I read further..... Everynight for the next 21 days we're going to sit together, hold hands, close our eyes and meditate.

Now for those of you that know my husband you'd think, he did what? Not really into the whole spirituality of meditation I never thought he would really be into this. So last night, after dinner, and in our jammies, we whipped out the yoga mats, put on Merlin's Magic, lit some Nag Champa and sat face to face, holding hands for 15 minutes. After the initial giggling and finding a comfortable position I have to say that I rather enjoyed it and I'm actually looking forward to tonight.

There's a since of calm that falls over you when you are able to find that spot and just be. I need to be for a while. It's been a little go go go over the last weeks and yet again, it's hubby to the rescue.

So if you're interested, he follows "ecomii blogs - The Food and Health Alternative" by Marie Oser. Yesterday she tweeted about the 21 Day Meditation Challenge. Hubby thought it was a great idea and added it to my daily routine. I'm very excited about it and hope to have good things to say as my challenge days pass by.

Need some Meditation Chants?

Ommmmmmmmmmm mani padme Ommmmmmmmmmmm

Blessed Be

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