The Best Medicine

Recently I read an article related to medicine. It states that modern America is chronically over medicated. (Source) And that the use of Chinese herbs are a better way to treat medical conditions. Most do not have the same harmful side effects that modern chemicals have.

This reminds me of something very similar, the quote "Let thy food be thy medicine" - Hippocrates

Today we spend so much time getting pills to fix us or using chemicals to get around our health issues. Example: Aspartame - can be used in the place of sugar, giving diabetics the ability to eat sweets. Ummm You're a diabetic, DONT EAT SUGAR! It's really not a work around to getting the sweets you want. It's a death sentence. My dear uncle passed away not to long ago with out his legs. Others in my family are right now experiencing the side effects of diabetes. Vision loss, numbness in the legs and feet, disorientation and depression. Why? Because they insist on eating sugar or sugar substitutes and they are slowing poisoning themselves.

You can heal yourself by changing your lifestyle. You can open your eyes to the chemicals and poisons you're putting into your body. You can slowly get off the preservatives and artificial coloring. You can get that out of your system and start to heal your body. I found a book a few years ago (Thanks to my daughter) called Prescription for Nutritional Healing. This book goes through hundreds and hundreds of illnesses that we currently treat with traditional medicine and gives a suggested nutritional change to help correct this issues.

I've been able to stop my prescription medications and live life. I have been diagnosed with BP, BPD, Reflux & Fibromyalgia.

As well as the PMS, Pre-Diabetes and Pre-Menopause as well as 17 other personality disorders. Wow, that's a lot of copayments, eh? Not to mention the prescriptions, I had three or four for a couple of those listed above and then one or two for the remaining. That put my monthly charges for prescriptions over 140.00 a month. Well no wonder I couldn't afford to eat healthy food. I was blowing all my money on drugs.

Over the past year my hubby and I have slowly switched over to organic food. We're working to improve our stress levels by adding some meditation. Recently we tried to take the 21 day meditation challenge and failed miserably. We ended up stopping after three days. Not so good. But we are working on the other issues.

Our water bottles and food storage containers are BPA free. Our water is filtered, but not purchased in bottles. Our food is as fresh and as organic as we can get. We've been hitting the gym pretty regularly, however recently "life" has started to creep back and its fallen to the side. We'll need to get back on track with that soon.

Looking back over the centuries and looking forward, you would think that we as a race, the human race, would have found all sorts of medical cures and fascinating discoveries to prolong life, and to make those added years fruitful. Instead we've discovered more cancers, more diseases and are looking at the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Time to wake up and smell the chemicals...

Starting with small things you can make simple changes to your life that will make you feel so much better. Something as simple as avoiding caffeine can reduce the symptoms of PMS. No need to drop a pill. Park a little farther from the mall entrance. Drink water instead of soda. You can do this.

Remember a trip around the world starts with a single step.

Blessed Be