Bipolar Awareness - Embrace the Sparkle 2

I thought the best time to post an update for the Bipolar Awareness blog would be when I'm experiencing some symptoms.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty trying for me. I've had some issues in my professional life and then in my personal life with my extended family.

As I mentioned in my last post "Embrace the Sparkle", routine is very important for the Bipolar person. WebMD has a very good article on routines being beneficial for bipolar patients. My routine has been very disrupted lately. Things changing at the last minute. Missing workouts. Nothing that seems too tragic but have amazing results on my mind. Last night I woke at 1:30 am and laid in bed mind racing until after 4:00 am. The brain just goes and goes and goes sometimes. I always lay and review the events of the day... what did I do wrong ... what did I do right ... should I do something different... Go go go go

Looking back at this last week I can see what led up to my night last night. My work week was stressed completely out to put it mildly. My issues with my mother and my birthday were not pleasant at all. I have two younger sisters that I do not get along well with. And last night, the youngest of them posted that lesbians are disgusting on her status message on Facebook. So immediately my brain took that and ran with it. My self worth is in the dump because of some post a 21 year old with two kids no job no education and no husband just made. A comment that means nothing really, but in my brain means everything. I gave it the power to keep me up. I gave it the power to rule me all night long.

Being bipolar does not make you a victim. It makes you think differently. Finding your triggers, pointing them out as that... You you and you are triggers. I like to think of it like Glenda, the Good Witch of The Wizard of Oz.... I need to look at my triggers and say... BE GONE! YOU have NO power here! And if necessary, whip out the house to drop on them! (Figuratively of course)

So take a moment, after a mania or a depressive episode and jot down what could have caused it. What are your triggers. Label them, and banish them. Use a word, use a spell, consult a witch, go to church, talk to a friend .... Do whatever you have to do to identify and control those triggers...

And most of all, Embrace the Sparkle

Blessed Be

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Elijah Olson said...

**embraces his witch, sparkle and all**

Unknown said...

Thank you for this, it has given me hope.

Sosanna said...


Thank you for your comments Spencer, I so want to be able to give back. Hang in there, it's ok to Sparkle.