Bipolar Awareness - Embrace the Sparkle 3

In my continuing series on Bipolar Awareness, I want to take a minute to help those around us to learn to embrace the sparkle as well.

Being in a relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder is challenging to say the least. I know that the things that I do sometimes make no sense at all. I look back after having a mania or a depression and think, How on earth could anyone put up with that crap. One moment acting as though I have the best life in the world, not twenty minutes later I can be in the midst of a gut wrenching depression. It happens so quickly sometimes I don't even know it's started or ended. I just realize it a few hours or even days later.

I'm lucky enough to be classified as a high functioning bipolar. This is all well and good when I'm not in a mania. Mania is still mania. I still run into the issues of the average bipolar patient. Through mediation, diet and routine I've been able to maintain a somewhat steady roller coaster ride for those around me. My hubby has learned how to see what's coming, and guide me back down gently. Or take me for a walk at the state park to help me center, or even sometimes take me to the loudest place he can find, to help my mind devour all the chaos it can. He's found, this is the best way to help me.

Several Groups out there to assist with support for Friends, Family and loved ones of those with Bipolar Disorder are below:

BPSO - Bipolar Significant Others
About.Com - Bipolar Support
Healthy Place

I'm currently looking for any good books out there have the techniques for healing with some of the Bipolar behavior. If I find some I'll post them here. I'd love to hear any suggestions in the comments.

Remember, Bipolar isn't the end of the world. You can live with it and love with it. It can be done.

Embrace the Sparkle.

Blessed Be

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