Celebrations of Spring - Ostara

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Ostara is a holiday celebrating the Spring or Vernal Equinox, and with the beginning of any new life. Equinox, the day when daylight and darkness are equal usually occurs between March 19th and March 23rd Originally the entire month of April was known in Europe as Ostarmonth, and featured celebrations of fertility, birth and renewal centering on the Goddess Ä’ostre. When Europe became Christianised, the name was changed to Easter.(How to Celebrate Ostara)

Not one for rules and regulations I've always been a more free spirited and not specifically Wiccan. (Is that even possible?) This is the first year I plan to try to actively participate in as many of the holidays as I can. For Ostara, my hubby and I will be planting our tomatoes, cucumbers and maybe even some other veggies. We were shooting for the full moon on the 19th so I will probably hold a few plants over and save for Ostara.

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I'm extremely excited about the full moon this month. Called a "Super Moon" by some in the media. I plan to do some crystal cleansing and to see if I can draw down some of that lunar energy. My anxiety has gone down quite a bit since the weekend. I was attributing some of my feelings on issues with my family however the more I think about it and review what I'm feeling the more I think it could be related to the moon. I'm not sure I'm ready to say that it's going to bring about the end times, or even blame the moon for the Tsunami, but I can say that we're made of water, we know the moon pulls on water. It's what regulates our tides. It's got to have some sort of an effect on us. I found a really great article on Space.com about our Super Moon.

The main thing I think I'm going to try to do is surround my altar and home with flowers. I'm looking forward to a great day.


I'm also very curious to hear if anyone is able to balance an egg!

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