NON-GMO Shopper's Guide

Today I'd like to share information about how to find NON-GMO food. Eating healthy, and adding more fruits and veggies to your diet is a great way to treat your body better, get in better shape and to improve your over all well being. Moving to Organics takes it up a notch and will help insure that you're not getting genetically modified foods.

You may say, Hey! What's wrong with it, if the FDA says it's ok then why can't I eat it? Well, the FDA says a lot of things. They are constantly approving drugs only to recall them later because they have been found to be harmful. We have not done a great deal of testing on GM foods. We do not know what the harm can be. Have you noticed that a lot of our children are being born with ADHD, ADD & Autism? Have you noticed that a lot of kids experience food allergies? Why is that? Have you noticed that as we move forward in medical and scientific research that we still have the highest number of cancers?

There's a reason for that. Your grandparents were able to eat Ham & Eggs every morning w/o having problems because they were eating just that "Ham" and "Eggs". Today, our hogs are fed what? What about the chickens? Any idea why it's cheaper to get a candy bar than an organic banana? High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS)! Yes! It's cheap and it's deadly! I'm not saying that all HFCS is GMO but the amount of corn that is grown today to make it IS.

When you take genetic material and move it around, you really don't have a clue what that does. Everyone freaked totally out when we cloned a sheep, but no one bats an eye, when we modify genes in plants and then EAT THEM????

I found a website called "The True Food Network", that offers a mobile download for your iPhone or Android Phone that you can use to check on if a food you're about to buy in the grocery store is a Non-GMO food. We in the US do not have the luxury of our Government requiring these Franken-foods to be labeled as they are in the UK.
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Want to avoid GMOs? Just go Organic, If a food product is labeled 100% organic and is labeled with and USDA Organic seal, it must be completely free of genetically modified products by government regulations. On the other hand, foods that are labeled "Made with Organic Ingredients" or simply "Organic" are not as tightly regulated and can contain GMOs. To be sure your food is GMO-free, buy USDA certified 100% organic food.

I keep hearing over and over and over, But it's sooo expensive to eat organic food. I beg to differ. Yesterday Jennifer Grayson, founding editor of The Red, White & Green, posted a video showing that she was able to buy all organic food and create a well balanced meal on $33 dollars a week. That's what the average food stamp recipient receives from the government.

This can be done! And remember, it's a buyers market, the more organic food we buy, the more they will replace it with new organic food. Wal-Mart doesn't really care if we buy chips or cucumbers, all they want to see is a SOLD sign. They will add what sells. They will remove what doesn't. If we want more organics available we have to buy the organics that are already out there.

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Remember you are what you eat!

Blessed Be


Elijah Olson said...

The sad thing is we all have food in common and yet we all claim difference in opinion of what is healthy or not. Here is the real deal. We ate organic foods when we kids, we all had them up until the late 70's....that was when the "convenience" of processed came into play BIG time. My parents thought "Wow, what a deal, a TV dinner (as they were called in my day) was less than making that whole meal"! They bought into the hype like millions did then and such grew the "US Preservative Nation". We are allowing our laziness to get the best of us. If you buy Organic, they will grow Organic. If you buy Crap, they will grow Crap and give you meds to be on for the rest of your days if you are lucky enough to live...Our Food Industry can help our HealthCare, we just have to demand better food. Do your part and buy just one Organic item you wouldn't normally buy each week. Just one will make a HUGE difference, it is all about supply and demand.

Sosanna said...

Thanks for you comment!