The Sanctity of Marriage

For the last nine years I've been closely watching the arguments for and against marriage equality. I've been deeply effected by the out come of many legislative and judicial actions related to marriage. I've actually had to marry the same person four times now, so to say that I understand the sanctity of marriage would be an understatement.

Recently I've come to realize that to some, marriage is only a word or only a piece of paper. To me, marriage is a commitment between consenting adults to join their lives together and share the ups and downs together as a unit. That unit is recognized by the state and federal government granting rights and special incentives to the unit which cannot be obtained through any other process.

That being said, my first and most cherished marriage is my hand-fasting ceremony with my hubby. We stood by the full moon on Samhain and bound ourselves one to the other in promise that supersedes all other documents, regulations or laws that are passed. Still, we sought out marriage many more times after only to be turned down.

I venture out into the world wide web and find folks like Fred Phelps' group Westboro Baptist Church (forgive me for not providing a link, Anonymous took care of that), Mrs Betty Bowers website, which was just brought to my attention that it's a spoof site. Well thank goodness for that. Let's go on with the other's (Evangelical Presbyterian Church or CBN) that sit around preaching that the LGBTQ Community is destroying the "Sanctity of Marriage".


Survey Says!

50% of all marriages end in divorce
40% of those are second marriages for one or both of the parties in the marriage

100% of those are marriages between opposite sex people

Centers for Disease Control

Now, let's think about the marriages that we see, be it in Hollywood or in your own town. How many people are cheating? How many people are calling names and hurting their partner? How many are just unhappy?

What does this do to the sanctity of marriage?

Let me tell you, speaking as a person who's stood in line waiting for a marriage license and been told NO, you can't get one here. I can tell you, when I see the marriages out there today that are loveless marriages. Marriages of convenience or marriages just because you're too lazy to get off your ass and get a divorce and instead you bar hop and jump from one bed to another with no regard for your partners feelings,

THAT my friends is destroying the sanctity of marriage. It's not people who love and care for each other and just want the same protections that any person has. And the one statistic that blows me away, is that the divorce rate is higher for Christians than any other religious group. The one group, walking around spouting about how Gay people are destroying marriage should stop and have a look at their own back yard before going out and trying to tell me about my yard! (Isn't there a bible story about that?)

I hope that one day, people stop being so hateful and bigoted that in order to feel better about themselves they have to destroy the lives of others around them. Today, the fight goes on. Recently the US signed a UN resolution along with 85 other countries to stop the violence and sanctions against LGBT people.

What we send out, returns to us, times three.

Blessed Be

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Sue said...

Excellent post, and timely since me and my hubby have decided to get handfast (while we have never had a ceremony, we have been together almost 11 years and consider ourselves "married" because like you said its the commitment not the paper), and he is looking into Paganism and Wicca because he feels that he is lacking a spiritual balance in his life.

BTW you won my blog giveaway, but I need your snail mail addy.