Seventh Generation Contest

Seventh Generation is offering 6 months of free products to the winner of their contest. All you need to do is go to this link and write 250 words or more about why winning would help your family go green.

Here's my entry.

Why will winning six months of Seventh Generation products help my family go green?

About 6 years ago my husband and moved from sunny San Diego to my little home town of Seven Springs NC. When we moved we were both vegetarian and in the process of dropping some pounds to get into shape. Keep in mind I realize that round is a shape, but I preferred to be a little less round.

When we got here, we found it incredibly difficult to continue on our Vegetarian path. We slowly began to eat more and more “bad” food and I found myself surrounded by chemicals being sprayed in the fields across the street from my house, to chemicals in our foods at the store to chemicals in my house hold cleaning supplies. It was never ending.

My daughter worked at our local health food store (Health Habit of Goldsboro) and started bringing home things that were good for me. Like any other stubborn mother who feels she knows everything I scoffed and decided my way was the proven way and better. So I never tried anything. Then she brought home Seventh Generation Multi-surface Cleaner, Lemon Grass and Thyme. AMAZING Product!

I loved the way it smelled and better yet, I loved that it was safe to use around my animals. I use it to clean up around our Chihuahua puppies, our Cats and even to clean my Ferret cage. I don’t have to use a lot of it and it lasts a long time.

Slowly I’ve changed how I look at the items I buy for my home. I’ve started looking for the leaping bunny on many of the items I buy as well as looking for all natural, healthy ways to clean my house and laundry. I’ve started weeding out the nasty stuff with the chemicals and started buying the good stuff, which isn’t always cheap.

Winning a six month supply of Seventh Generation products would put me on the fast track to being greener. My husband currently shops and prepares food for two other families to assist them in going Organic. We pool our money together and cook multiple household meals to save, money, energy and to afford the higher price of organic foods. We’ve started introducing our friends to cleaning products, personal hygiene items and food stuff that will help not only ourselves but those we love and care about experience the great feeling of doing not only what’s good for you and your body, but what’s good for your planet too.

Blessed Be!

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