Something 'round here smells...

So I just got back from the post office sending back an order of Avon's Black Suede Deodorant. I ordered from Avon to help a friend's fund raiser and ordered about $12 worth of deodorant for my hubby. This order was processed quickly and shipped very quickly. Ordered Thursday, it arrived Monday.

Sadly when I opened the box and read the ingredients I found a huge problem. Almost all deodorants on the market today contain tricloson and/or aluminum. Both of these chemicals have been linked to major health problems;

Triclosan is known to cause cancer in and aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's disease. In deodorant, aluminum comes in the form of aluminum chlorhydrate which is a heavy metal that can be absorbed through the skin. When you apply these chemicals to an area near the underarm lymph nodes they are very easily distributed throughout the body. (Credit)

So I had to send it back. It cost me 7.50 to return the package. So now, I'm out almost $20 and still have no deodorant for my hubby.

After work today we're off to Whole Foods. I plan to locate a nice Crystal Salt Rock for him (which is what I use) or maybe something from Tom's Of Maine.

And a bit of advice... Don't buy anything at all on the web unless you can clearly read the ingredients. Don't assume that just because a company does not test on animals that they won't test on you!

Blessed Be!

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Wyvernsrose said...

Good advice, due to my asthma and allergies we always read all labels and companies cop a ribbing from me if they change ingredients after I have been using them for years, I am allergic to Aluminium in deodorants so it has always been avoided in spite of health risks