Spring is in the Air!

The Positive....
I woke this morning from a semi-restful slumber in a loving embrace. The sun gently peeked in around the black out curtains and poked me playfully hoping that I would jump up and embrace the day.


The Negative....
The alarm clock pelted me over the head repeatedly until I pulled my arm out from under the covers in some zombiesque pose to silence the torturous screams pelting my brain as if destroying the world from millions of killer clowns from outer space.

Looking at these two openings we can see that prospective is everything. There were no killer clowns this morning, only the wonderful sun to gently nudge me out the bed. I browsed through CNN this morning and saw that Gary Busey is now praying for Charlie Sheen. Wow. You know you're pretty messed up when that happens. I saw Mt Kilauea is erupting, a girl is selling her x's clothes on eBay and laws are being passed to ban "Sharia Law" from being followed in the US.

Wow. So much to poke fun at so little time. Instead of pulling out my little book of puns, I've decided to opt out of discussing world events and talk about Spring.

I've started Spring cleaning by listing a lot of books up on eBay. I've started pulling weeds in the garden and having a look at the plants that are available at Lowe's.

Here are some followers that I just couldn't walk past without whipping out my camera.

The lettuce is planted and we added some brussel sprouts last week. We're going to start spouting the cucumbers this week to go down in the full moon. That's when the tomatoes will go in as well. Hopefully we'll have some good veggies this year.

The last thing I want to talk about is adopting from the shelter. Saturday, hubby took me to our local shelter and we found Tiki. (I called her that because she reminds me of a little tiki idol doll) She wasn't available until today so he's headed down there now to see if we can give this little girl a home. She looked terrified in the kennel but had nothing but kisses for me when I was able to pet her. And just look at her... she looks like a witches dog!

So take a minute to drive down to your local shelter, search Petfinder.com or Petharbor.com. These are all great dogs that if given the chance they could be your new best friend. You never know, you just might save a life.

Hope to see you soon Tiki!

Blessed Be

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Sue said...

Welcome Home Tiki!!