What's in a Name??

So my post today is reviewing names and labels. I know a lot of you are thinking that I'm going to be talking about LGBT issues. Well you're right. Only this issue is not only important to the LGBT Community but to that other special group of people called "Humans".

Today I'm talking about the label's we put on our food. How do you know the "right" foods to buy.

Wikipedia defines Organic Food as the following:

"Organic foods are those that are produced using environmentally sound methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers, do not contain genetically modified organisms, and are not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives."

Going organic is easier than you might think. Currently retailers such as Wal-Mart & Food Lion are picking following up the trail blazer "Whole Foods" in carrying a good number of organic choices in their shops. You can find Food Lion's Store Brand - Nature's Place that has a large selection of Organic items from rice to canned vegetables. Wal-Mart (under the name Market-side & Great Value - Warning not all products are Organic, you must read the labels) does offer the same types of items in Organics but goes further to include fresh produce as well, Celery, Lettuce and Bananas are available.

The next label you want to concern your self is on the back side of the package. Take a look at the Nutrition Facts. Here you want to check out a few things. First and foremost, SERVING SIZE. This is incredibly important. In our society of "Super Size" and "Extra Large" we've become just that... Our population is "Extra Large". Be sure to follow your service size. The only sure fire way, to be a healthy weight and to stay that way is to balance your caloric intake with your caloric expenditure. To lose weight, burn more than you eat. Very simple. Yes that means exercise. Get up and move.

(Source: Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters Original Image Here)

Check that label for other words that let you know that this product is not that good for you.
Words like - High Fructose Corn-syrup, Aspartame and Maltodexterin to name a few. Generally speaking, if you can't pronounce it. Don't eat it. If it comes wrapped in cellophane wrapper then it's probably not that good for you.

Look for items label'd NO GMOs(Genetically Modified Organism), No Additives or Preservatives. These groups are certified non GMO

(Source - Food Democracy)

The idea here is to eat whole, fresh, local foods. Look for Organic label and use only those products when you can. Smell your fresh fruits and veggies.... Your nose KNOWS what you want to eat. If it smells good to you, then it's probably what your body wants.

These links can get you started on going Organic, yes, sometimes the foods cost a little more. But they do cost less than treating Cancer.

Blessed Be

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