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Just for Fun!

This mornings blog post is going to be short and sweet. When we first moved to NC and our daughter came to visit, Elijah and I had two wonderful boxers named Duchess and Buddy.

Duchess helped me get through a rough period while Eli was working in Virginia and I was still living in California. Yesterday I logged into my youtube account and found this video I had forgotten all about.

So today in honor of PTO I'm sharing this wonderful video of our daughter playing with Duchess and Buddy.


Blessed Be

Scrying for Beginners - Chapter's 5 & 6

So chapters 5 & 6 are talking to us about the working place.
Basically the author reviews what your area should be like. Fill the room with sights sounds and smells that are calming. Mozart is the suggested the music. I think that I might lean toward Reiki healing music more so but I understand the thought process here. Card tables and chairs with out arms make sense as you'll need to be able to slide up close to the table and peer down directly into the scrying medium.

Next, in Chapter 6, the author addresses the need to maintain a scrying journal. Keeping a records of the date, time and length of the session are common entries. Phases of the Moon as well as weather can have a significant effect on your level of psychic readiness and those are recorded as well. Electronic recordings are fine as long as you can concentrate without worrying about when the tape is going to run out. I think that I will probably lean towards a more traditional method of just a notebook and pen to see how it goes.

The next chapter starts the scrying exercises. I'm going to read on those further but wait to blog on them until I actually have my scrying materials in my hot little hands to practice. I'm excited to see how it goes.

I've looked at a couple of items that interest me for scrying. eBay has a wide selection of scrying items including mirrors, pendulums and crystals. However "Cheap Pagan Stuff" has a wonderful lavendar colored crystal ball that I just might like to try.
And with their special coupon code ILOVEPSC I can get an additional 10% off my order.

I know I want to pick up a crystal, a stand, a bowl and a mirror. I'm going to try to find the bowl at the thrift store. I like to reuse when I can. I know that the mirror and the ball will be harder to find because of my area that I live in.

So that's the first part of the book. I'm actually pretty proud of myself that I sat down and read the six chapters and was able to retain it. Thanks to a suggestion from Kallan, blogging about it actually helped me retain a lot more of the information. I'm extremely excited to get started. Off I go in search of my medium.

Thanks for reading...

Blessed Be

Blog Giveaway! Yeah!

I've found another wonderful blog giveaway. PurrVersatility is a sex positive blog with great information and for May Day Kitty is giving away a EcoSexy Kit!

Keep in mind this is a space for frank discussions on sex, sex workers and bringing information and education to those in the sex worker industry. Some blame the woman if she's dancing and enjoying sex yet men can do it all the time and no one holds them to the same standard that we do women. We do what is called "slut slamming" and basically call women who enjoy sex bad, sluts or whores.

Kitty is taking up the challenge and providing information from the prospective of a sex worker. I know that some may find this a bit troublesome or uncomfortable to discuss but I urge you to take a moment to read what she has to say. My eyes have been opened quite a bit, and that's a lot to say for my 40 something years.

In her giveaway Kitty is including items from Babeland, which have great products some of which are cruelty free, which takes my love of animals and the environment to a whole new level!! She's only making this available to US residents.

You can have a look at the kit and enter to win by vising her blog and following the steps.

Check out Creampie the Clown on Facebook.

I'm very excited about this giveaway! Hopefully I have something "Sexy" to post about for Beltane (May Day)

Blessed BE!


Scrying for Beginners - Chapter's 3 & 4

So I'm really liking this book. So far so good.

Scrying for Beginners

Chapter three talks about "Who can become a Scryer". Apparently this author feels that everyone has the potential to be a scryer. He says, it's no different than a star basketball player. That player is born with the potential to be a great player, however without daily practice and dedication to his craft, his potential will go unrealized. There is the thought that if you're able to be hypnotized you're able to be be scryer. It is thought that the act of being hypnotized is more of the subject hypnotizing themselves as apposed to the hypnotist actually preforming the act. This is extremely interesting to me because I have always longed to be hypnotized. I'm not sure I can be, and have never tried.

The author goes further to say that if you're a person who has seen visions or had flashes of the past, present or future appear to you, must like one of my followers commented on my last post; that you too can more than likely be a scryer. Having several "visions" over a lifetime instead of just a couple when a family member is in danger will make one more successful as a scryer. That's not to say that with only a couple of visions you cannot do this.

Much like that previous comment I mentioned before, apparently children below 10 years of age have the perfect mind for scrying. In fact the author says that many magicians and performers in years past would employ adolescent boys to gaze into the crystals and much like a hypnotist the performer would direct the child to look for a particular thing, thus producing the visions for him/her.

Even though some of the more famous seers were male, this books says that the majority of scryers are female.

Chapter four is about preparation. Getting ready to scry. I found it interesting that this author adds a prayer from the bible as the first way to "cleanse" yourself before beginning a session. Quickly on the next page however he states that if it seems too Christian for magical work you can use any number of Pagan or Wiccan prayers/blessings/cleansing to prepare.

A ritual bath, a pair of loose fitting comfortable pants and a nice loose shirt seem to be the costume of choice to get into the right frame of mind for scrying. Tight shirts, or itchy skin will break your concentration and you won't be able to devote the entire time to scrying. The author recommends setting up a special place, where your tools will be available for you to access, you can sit comfortably and you can be alone. Night time is suggested as the best time to scry as the night air lends itself to relaxation and as we already expect, night is when many witches cast their circles. He goes on to suggest not to wait too late in the evening as this heighten state of relaxation might lend one to drift off to sleep which is not good for scrying at all.

So Chapter Five is next. It's about finding a place to scry. I've been thinking about the tools I want to try and I think that I might collect a number of different bowls, mirrors and crystals just to see what speaks to me. I'd like to be able to try all the different exercises in the book with a different tool combination to see if I get any different results.

I'm extremely excited about this and can't wait to see if I can truly "See".

Blessed Be!

Scrying for Beginners - Chapter's 1 & 2

As some of you may know I'm extremely interested in scrying; I've always felt that I was able to "receive" messages from those close to me who are far away. For example, ever time my daughter who was in college across the country craved fried chicken I would crave the same thing for days and days. Only to find out from her at the end of the week that she was doing nothing but eating fried chicken all week. If she was having a rough time and feeling unhappy I was able to feel her sadness.

I've had this connection with other people as well. The hubby sends me his pain. Yes, I know that's strange but that's what we call it. I know the difference between my own headache and the one that comes around because he has one. When he broke his ankle, I had a sore leg for weeks. At that time he was up in Virginia working, we didn't see each other but only once a week but talked on the phone daily.

And of course like many of you Witches out there, you can feel it, when something is not right. I call it "a disturbance in the force".

So... back to the book.

This book, Scrying for Beginners, was published in 1997 by Llewellyn Publications. The author, Donald Tyson, is not only an expert on scrying but also is a Scryer. He opens the book with an introduction about his Grandfather who was a circus acrobat and strong man before moving to Nova Scotia. Donald believes that he may have gotten his gift from this very same grandfather who after moving to Nova Scotia read playing cards, tea leaves and palms for anyone who wanted/needed help. He never took payment and only asked that they leave what they felt was appropriate at his door. I think that is really cool. I know many of us need to make a living and pay the bills, but to be able to practice your craft, to help others and not have to rely on it for day to day payment is wonderful.

Chapter 1 goes in to discussing what exactly scrying is. For me, before I picked up this book I always thought that scrying consisted of either a mirror, a crystal or water. To my surprise apparently Dowsing is a type of scrying but the Tarot is not. He goes on to explain how the moon is closely connected to scrying. AGAIN, I'm amazed because I am certainly a moon child. On one of our first dates, there was a huge moon in San Diego and hubby ran up to the house, grabbed my hand, hurried me out to the street and said, look, I got this for you, turned me around and I saw the biggest moon I had ever seen. I wear moonstone jewelry and always follow the phases.

Chapter 2 talks about the psychological mechanism of scrying. The author talks about how our consciousness blocks reception of scried information. That's why its rare to get those moments of "psychic knowledge" when you're not looking for it. Sometimes you may have a vision, or see a flash of something, but these are rare. The act of scrying is where we tell our mind to reach out into our unconsciousness find a particular bit of information and bring it to our conscious mind. The author compares this to being hypnotized. Scrying he says, is a form of self hypnosis where the scryer uses an object, a crystal, water, or smoke to try to get back to that same point of consciousness where the mind is open to messages from the unconscious mind. Much like a post hypnotic suggestion.

Interesting huh?

Apparently many famous scryers or seers like Carl Jung and Nostradamus used water as way to scry.

So that's it. Chapters 1 and 2. I'm very excited to see how this is going. The author says he has several exercises to help get your mind ready for scrying. Anyone can be a scryer he says. I'm excited about that. Sometimes my mind goes really really really (yes I needed three really's) fast and I'm hoping that sitting down with whatever tool I eventually decide to use and just concentrating will help me slow that mind down and open myself up to more information. More positiveness and more knowledge.

Blessed Be

Beltane and Freebies - My Favorite!

My wonderful witchy friend Kallan is doing a fabulous blog giveway for Beltane! There are wondeful prizes including a gift certificate from Pagan Stuff Cheap a great place to find everything for your Pagan needs. They also have a fan page on Facebook.

I plan on picking up some stuff for Scrying there. They have a wonderful selection and amazing prices.

Be sure to stop by Kallan's Blog for a nice read and visit Pagan Stuff Cheap too!

OH and wish me luck... I hope I win.

Blessed Be

Giving to the Earth and to the Earthlings


I love earth day. Its the one time of the year when I know that many of my fellow earthlings are thinking about the same thing I am all year around. I know that others are looking at planting trees, repairing our environment and giving back to Mother Earth. I've put together a list of a few businesses that have chosen to celebrate with us this year.

Lowe's Home Improvement - Is giving away free trees to each person that comes to the store.
Starbuck's - Is giving away free coffee/tea if you bring in a re-useable mug/cup
eBay - is having a green giveaway sweepstakes where you can enter to win "Green" prizes
Target - Is having a refresh your nest sweepstakes
Origns - Is giving away free cleanser with the completion of a form.

Earth Day Network - Facebook

So if these businesses can get involved try to do your part to help the earth. Plant a tree, reduce, reuse and recycle.

And for the earthlings, try to take a moment to help those displaced by the Tornado outbreak. The American Red Cross has a page set up to help those directly affected by the storms of the south east.

American Red Cross - Facebook

Blessed Be!

Food Revolution

My husband and I started watching Jamie Oliver years ago when he had a show on BBC called The Naked Chef. His simple down to earth style of communication was something that attracted us to his show. He prepared simple foods with basic ingredients and cooked outdoors. He always seemed to be in a great mood and his delivery was amazing.

Last year we watch his new series in America called "Food Revolution" This year we are watching again as he takes on the LAUSD - Los Angeles Unified School District, hoping that we can see some changes in the way America feeds its children.

Using Jamie's idea of fresh, non processed, and know your ingredients ideals my husband has started working with some of our friends and family to create meals that they can 'reheat' that will be better for them than the drive through.

Two such families have been able to see a great deal of improvement. One lost 25lbs in 12 weeks by EATING instead of skipping meals. One lost 25lbs in 12 weeks while her husband bulked up using my hubby's food and Power 90 exercises. And of course there is my husband who has lost 60lbs and my incredible 110lb loss.

This weekend he picked up two new clients to prepare for. We really hope that we see the same great results.

That being said last night I turned on to watch Jamie's show. To my surprise before the show started an advertisement appeared saying how wonderful Splenda is for you. Really? Splenda? On Jamie Oliver's show about fresh food with real ingredients? Boggles the mind.

I know some are really concerned about the price of organic food vs. non organic and the cost of processed food vs non processed. Trust me I know about this. I raised a family of 6 on 321.00 a month for food for nearly 8 years. I know buying chips is sometimes cheaper than buying broccoli. I understand.

But what we need to do is understand that the cost of Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and other weight related illnesses actually cost more for treatment than it does for the organics that can help prevent it.

In the episode last night Jamie was offering to help an independent fast food restaurant owner transform his business into "healthy fast-food". It's amazing that he was so scared to make the changes. My husband looked at me and said, Hey Jaime, I could use some kitchen supplies and a delivery truck to help in my business, and we can change whatever you like! It was so funny. Here we are struggling to collect the money from 4 other families, do the shopping, prepare the food and deliver it to their homes so that they can have good food, with fresh ingredients, and this guy is pissed because Jamie wants him to leave the syrup out of a strawberry shake. Amazing.

In any event, we go on forward, with our own little mini food revolution. We take our little baggies of nuts and fruit with us when we go out now. We don't eat at restaurants often and we even have found that now you can't even get a bottle of water with out some additives in it, so we carry our little water bottles as well.

If you have a moment check out Jamie's page. There's tons of recipes there, most are not vegetarian (for my meat eating friends) most are easy to prepare and very good for you. Maybe one day I'll post some recipes from my hubby on here. We have a to die for 4 bean chili and most excellent black bean enchiladas.

Remember you are what you eat.

Blessed Be

Oh Brother...errr I mean Mother...

Why on earth do I have so much problems with my mother. I mean really. I'm 42 years old, I own my own house and car, my kid is a college graduate living in London. I have a wonderful husband who takes care of me and spoils me absolutely rotten... WHY THEN WHY for the love of all that is good and positive in this world do I have so many issues with my mother???

For that I have no answer... For now however here's my last two days...

Monday my younger sister calls me and says she's checking on mama so I volunteer to tag along. A brief history, my mother is diabetic, heart bypass survivor abuse survivor from childhood as well as with a husband who was both verbally and physically violent with her for the 30 some years they were married. This is the second such "wellness check" my sister and I have done with our mother. Sadly it ended the same. Her sugar was over 300, she had no insulin because she had given her money to my very youngest sister for clothes, cigarettes and stuff for her two children. Nice. We asked her several times to let us take her to the hospital. Her bp was 200/140 and my sister seemed to think she could possibly stroke out right there. She refused.

We had to get the Sheriff involved to take her to the hospital. Since she wasn't suicidal they let her go. We did manage to get her to agree to go to a therapist and to a medical doctor the next day. So I put in for emergency PTO and did what I could to help my sister with the appointments. All the while trying my best not to go slam into a mania dealing with it all.

It's insanity. I'm listed as a sick person because I have Bipolar Disorder however she's fine for refusing to treat her diabetes? Really?


I've contacted the court system to see what we can do as well as the Center for the Aging here. Both have referred me to Adult Protective Services. They both said, Old people are allowed to make bad decisions. At this point there's not really too much you can do.

BOGGLES the mind!

What's a Witch?

So what makes me a witch? Can I just say I'm a witch and be one? Do I need to live by the rule of three? How do I know I'm a witch? How do I come to terms with others "becoming" a witch?

These are the odd questions I find myself contemplating this morning. I've recently learned that someone who was extremely nasty and negative, someone who in the past contacted me with hate and anger has "become" a witch.

My first thought is, well if it harms none, then let it go. Accept the new face for what it is displaying and go forward. The skeptical part of me however thinks otherwise. The skeptical part of me thinks that maybe this is just another part of the "Woo let me shock everyone" by this time picking up Wicca and calling myself a witch. Am I being too judgmental?

It's not like I own Wicca. It's not like I can tell anyone if they are or are not truly a witch. To go further, it's not even like I really want to discuss it with them either.

To me, in order to "Be A Witch", you need to be one with nature. You need to have your body and mind grounded. You need to be able to look at the world understand that negativity is out there, identify it and react accordingly. You cannot look at the world with seek and destroy glasses on, you have to pull out those live and let live glasses and trust that all that we see is part of the natural circle of life. Even the bad stuff.

To be a witch you need to understand that you can focus your energies and send them out to others. You need to send that energy out in a positive way. You need to respect the rule of three and do what you can to honor the Reede. Most of all, you need to have a giving understanding accepting and loving heart.

More than a having an altar, more than having books and candles, the mind is the most important tool for a witch. Keep your tool clean, sharp and true and you'll always be one with the Goddess.

Today I send out positive energies and hope to those in my past that have wronged me. I send out forgiveness and love to those that have shunned me and hated me. I send out understanding and an offer of friendship to those that have hurt me.

To me, that's what's a witch.

Blessed Be

There's No Place Like Home

Over the weekend we experienced some of the worse weather in the history of North Carolina. Hubby and I sat in the living-room watching the storm updates and seeing the clouds change outside.

This was what we saw from our front yard.

We ended up in our hallway with the Chihuahuas, blankets, water, cell phone and flashlights. Waiting to see if we would hear the sirens from the base alerting the area that there was indeed a tornado on the ground. As the wind whipped around the yard and the Sycamore trees swayed I could feel the temperature change. The birds all stopped singing. Then it was over. I looked outside and saw no real damage in our area. We drove over to my sisters to sit with her to ride out the rest of the storm. We sat watching the video stories about the Lowe's that was destroyed, homes, schools, it was just insane. Twenty-one people died in the outbreak of storms this weekend in NC alone. We saw many reports on Wilson NC and Raleigh NC as being pretty heavily damaged by the storms; but yesterday as we drove to Greenville NC we passed through the little town of Snow Hill.

Snow Hill is just north of my 95 year old Grandmother's house. Maybe 20, 30 minutes down the road from her. As we entered the town traffic completely stopped. Hubby and I don't watch a lot of TV so we had no idea what the little town looked like. As we inched closer to the area where the school is sadly we began to see houses with red X's painted on them, houses off their foundations, medical transport vehicles sitting along the pathway to each house in the developement. Across the road the school had the roof off, trees were down, power lines were down, police cars were sprinkled around the area with lights flashing in an almost whimsical but surreal pattern.

It was complete destruction. This is what I saw.

Seeing this little area that I have driven through so many times, completely destroyed was extremely intense. The little Andy's restaurant, gone. Little strip mall, gone. Then the hardware store, not touched. Next door, the gas station, roof missing. Across the street, neighbor, devastation.

It was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.

Here is a link to one of the many reports on the storm.


Something's telling me we are in for a very active spring and summer. I ask that we all take a moment, pray, light a candle, acknowledge nature, what ever you need to do to send out some positive energy to each and every one of those affected by the storms this weekend, not only in NC but across the southeast. This 3 day outbreak is already set to be the worst tornado outbreak in history.

Sending out positive energy...

Blessed Be

Colorful Socks

I generally post about food, about nutrition, about political issues and even toss in a shout out to Anonymiss from time to time and even tip my hat to The Jester.

Today's issue is slightly different. Just as personal and as passionate. I love colorful socks. Going through all the department stores all you can find is pink, gray, white... blah blah blah.

I want colors! I want to see bright flashes of rainbows around my ankles. I know I cover them

with pants and shoes, but inside I sparkle! Inside I want to be colorful.

It's that super hero waiting to burst out and bring sunshine and rainbows to everyone.

Is that so bad? Can't we just have a big bin of colored socks to share with everyone... and while we're at it... I want colorful undies too. I want rainbow and sparkles and days of the week. FUN stuff. Just because we're getting older doesn't mean we have to stop having fun.

Photo Credit - Renee Olson

Stop, smell the roses... and put on some colorful socks.

Blessed Be


Peace & Spreadsheets

I want a job where I can spend my days working for a cause. I want to be able to open my eyes in the morning and know that each meeting I attend today, each spreadsheet I audit and each call I make is helping someone. I want to know that when I navigate to a particular page on the web that I'm making a difference in the world.

I'd like to see animals playing around my house. I'd like to be able to know that my food is fresh and contaminate free and my tea is organic. I'd like to hear music playing all day, preferably Latin music.

I'd like to watch the plants grow in my garden and harvest fresh fruits and veggies for my plate. I'd like to be able to know with out a doubt that each breath of air I breath is free of pollutants.

I'd like to see every family have good food and enough money to put their kids through school. I'd like to see no one struggle with homelessness or drug addiction.

I'd like to see the world in a happier place. No wars being fought over oil or greed. I'd like to see justice for everyone.

I'd like to see Peace.

For now, back to my spreadsheet for corporate America. Back to my 12 hour days sitting behind a desk to pay the mortgage. Try to stop and smell the roses, try to tell those you love, just how important they are because for now, only for now, I can only dream about what I'd like to see.

Blessed Be

What I Do on PTO

So I've seen several postings on Facebook about a picture a day, a song a day and a book a day. Each one asking you to document a particular thing for that day. I've decided that I'm going to start a Blog Series on PTO. PTO is of course Paid Time Off.

In my busy everyday life I work for a consulting firm as a business analyst. I break up my day with my garden, my animals and my wonderful hubby. On those rare occasions, about 34 a year, I get PTO. I try to use those days as what I like to call Mental Health Days. It helps me get my mind back into focus and ready to give my usual 110% the rest of the time.

This Blog Series will bring into my PTO Days.

Day 1 - April 8, 2011

This morning hubby and I got up and headed out to the gym. We took along some clothes to change into so we could spend some time in town. We managed to finish up our workout and when I went into the changing room to put on my street clothes so we could venture out into the "city"; I tried to pull my jeans up and to my surprise, they wouldn't fit. I was completely freaking out because I thought Ummmmm I can't possibly not be able to get into these jeans.

I took them off and looked at the tag. UGH! Much to my surprise I had grabbed my "goal" jeans from the closet instead of my current jeans. Not ready for that size 8 just yet. We ended up heading out of the gym with my workout pants on. I was completely annoyed. When I got to the car hubby said, let's head over to the thrift store and get some pants. We ended up finding some great pants so Yeah Score!

Our next stop was to Starbucks. As you know I recently won a card and sleeve which has led me to want to go in more often. I found a new treat there.

They have little organic platters that include fruits and nuts, a protein one that has cage free boiled eggs and even a chicken pita with hummus. They were out of my Zen tea so I had to try a new tea called "Alert". It had a bit of mint to it. It was nice.

Our next stop was to head back home and take care of the animals. Yesterday our three ducks left to go to a bigger farm with other ducks to be with. So we cleaned out the duck area, opened it up to the chickens, fed everyone, petted everyone, updated our Facebook status (must keep those priorities straight) and headed out on the motorcycle.

While out and about hubby and I went to this cute little restaurant that we found a few weeks ago and have lunch. It was not so good.

Salsa was good, but the rest just didn't meet up to standards. We left there and went over to Tractor Supply Company in search of a wood stove. Yes, a wood stove. We are hoping to cut down on our electricity this winter by getting one set up. We struct out at both Tractor Supply Company and at Lowes. Oddly enough as we stopped for a water break on the motorcycle later in the day we got an email from someone that has one and we might go look at it tomorrow.

After Lowes, we drove around down town Wilson. It's a cute little place and it has a farmer's market so we'll have to head out there again. Perhaps in another PTO Blog Update! 8)

So after that we headed out towards Rosewood to look at a plant nursery and found a great little roadside fruit and veggie stand where we picked up some fresh local onions and tomatoes. We stopped at Food Lion and grabbed some avocado for our usual black bean tacos for dinner.

So now I'm wrapping up my first PTO day on the phone with my daughter hearing about her day at work. My legs are tired and my neck is a little sore from being on the bike all day but Wow! It was such a good day. The sun, the wind the roar. It was amazing.

Excellent Day out in the warm air. Hope you were able to enjoy your day as well.

Blessed Be

The Broom Closet

I read a touching post this morning on a blog called "The Pagan Household". "Sapphire" a stay at home mom and pagan talks about her daily interactions and her fear as it relates to her Pagan Household and how her

Christian Community view her and her family. At a point she discusses how she has a fear that
her children could be taken away. I reposted her blog link on my Facebook Page and a quick discussion began around it. Friends of like minds were all amazed at how the "Christian" community could say things to her but forget their fundamental belief structure which includes the following: Love your neighbor and judge not.

This opened up many memories for me of my own situation, living in rural North Carolina and living on a road that is less than 10 miles long and has 3 churches on it. There are times when people come to see our puppies, for those of you that do not know hubby and I raise Chihuahua Puppies, When the families arrive sometimes when I get "that feeling" I tuck my Goddess, or my Pentacle into my shirt. Just to avoid the possibility of losing a sale because of someone's misconception about my religion.

I am completely open to my family and they understand, somewhat about me. They never really ask me about it they just know that I don't believe in God - their words.

It's so sad that with so many children out there in families where abuse is common place, calling names is accepted and where some go to bed with out food that in this day and age, someone being Pagan is an actual reason to consider removing the children.
I have personal experience, where I have gone in and cleaned up after a family whose house was unlivable. There was rotten food throughout the house, the kids slept on piles of dirty clothes and there was no food at all in the fridge. But Mom had Cigs. Mom had a cell phone. OH and the kids went to church on Sunday. This is a before and after pictures of the bedroom that the kids were sleeping in. In the after you can actually see a "bed" and toys. CRAZY.

Oddly enough when I approached Social Services here about it, they said, well, she's trying and she does take the kids to church.

Ummm Yeah... That's not ok.

What can we do? How can we let those around us see that just because we are Pagan; be it Wicca, or what have you; we can raise families. We can be GOOD people. Generally speaking Pagans don't think they have the only "right" way to be. I raised a lovely daughter will all the information on religions around that I could.
Her father, extremely religious and not accepting of Wicca at all, did not allow me to introduce her to any Pagan religions. At 13 I introduced her to Wicca and she has since picked a path more suited to her way of thinking. I wouldn't have it any other way. After all, that's what it's all about isn't it?
What I'd like to share with those out there that are not like minded, We are accepting of all others. We will listen with an open mind and an open heart. We will send out positive thoughts and try to listen intently and maybe even offer a cup of tea with that ear. We do not want you to stop believing in your God. Nor do we want to convert you. Could you please do the same for us?

At times, we as Pagans may drift back into that broom closet as a way to protect those we love. We may even stay there for a while. Today I'm asking all of those out there to pull their Pentacle outside their shirt. Put a flower wreath on your door or wave hello to a neighbor. Spread some positive energy out there and send out some strength to those fellow Pagans that are still tucked away safely in that closet.

Until we are all safe to come out, we are all closeted.

Blessed Be

Ahhhh Tea

My blog prize couldn't have come at a time when I needed it any more. 

Thanks again to Lafemmeknitkita for my prize

Blessed Be

Feeling Good in April

This month I'm committed to feeling better and putting out more positive energy. I'm starting each day with a good stretch and a cup of tea.

I've found a family member via Google/Facebook and It's pretty amazing how the internet has made searching for family so much easier. She's a writer and we seem to have a great deal in common. She even has a blog here.

I worked really hard in the garden yesterday and my work computer is giving me so much trouble today I'm beginning to wonder if I should head back to bed for a bit!

At least there are no conference calls first thing!

I'm learning more and more about my life each day, things I never thought about before. Yes, introspection is a good thing.

I'm lighting some candles and trying to be come one with the universe right now. Thinking Positive.

On another positive note, I got my blog prize today from La Femme Knitkita. I won a Starbucks gift card an a cute little coffee (in my case Tea) sleeve. It arrived with a short but wonderful note from Sue. Bright Blessings to you as well Sue and thank you so much for the gift. I'll be sure to let everyone know where I got it!

You can find info and items from La Femme Knitkita via the following:

Facebook Page

Blessed Be

Utoh Daddy!

So by now I'm sure everyone has heard about the CEO of and his elephant escapades.

Warning: I removed the auto play because like many others I'm sure that the last thing you really want to see is an animal being killed. Please understand that I have this video here for those that might want to see exactly what happened and make their own decisions. For those with sensitivity, please understand why I did this.

Now I ask you, really how is this different that deer hunters, bear hunters, alligator hunters really ANY other hunter? You know the difference? Because the elephant is so cute and we want to protect it.

Animals that do not have the same "attractive" shaped faces and eyes are often ignored. Everyone saves the whales, but no one saves the shrimp or the tuna. Everyone wants the dolphins to be protected but what about the cobras? What about the jackal?

This is one example of how some rich American runs around with cash in hand to take advantage of a situation so that he can get his rocks off killing something. (crude yes, but true)

Not only is he exploiting this poor elephant, much like he does marketing his domain having 1/2 naked women sport his domain but he's also exploiting th villagers that have no idea what "Go Daddy" is or even really care.

I'm in no way condoning the behavior of Bob Parsons, but I think that before we are so quick to cast stones at him, we need to rethink how we treat all the inhabitants of this planet. Not only those with feathers, fins and fur but those ones with skin like our own that are continually dehumanized, be it with a Godaddy hat or a 1/2 shirt that shows off what he's really using to sell internet access anyway... Boobs.

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