The Broom Closet

I read a touching post this morning on a blog called "The Pagan Household". "Sapphire" a stay at home mom and pagan talks about her daily interactions and her fear as it relates to her Pagan Household and how her

Christian Community view her and her family. At a point she discusses how she has a fear that
her children could be taken away. I reposted her blog link on my Facebook Page and a quick discussion began around it. Friends of like minds were all amazed at how the "Christian" community could say things to her but forget their fundamental belief structure which includes the following: Love your neighbor and judge not.

This opened up many memories for me of my own situation, living in rural North Carolina and living on a road that is less than 10 miles long and has 3 churches on it. There are times when people come to see our puppies, for those of you that do not know hubby and I raise Chihuahua Puppies, When the families arrive sometimes when I get "that feeling" I tuck my Goddess, or my Pentacle into my shirt. Just to avoid the possibility of losing a sale because of someone's misconception about my religion.

I am completely open to my family and they understand, somewhat about me. They never really ask me about it they just know that I don't believe in God - their words.

It's so sad that with so many children out there in families where abuse is common place, calling names is accepted and where some go to bed with out food that in this day and age, someone being Pagan is an actual reason to consider removing the children.
I have personal experience, where I have gone in and cleaned up after a family whose house was unlivable. There was rotten food throughout the house, the kids slept on piles of dirty clothes and there was no food at all in the fridge. But Mom had Cigs. Mom had a cell phone. OH and the kids went to church on Sunday. This is a before and after pictures of the bedroom that the kids were sleeping in. In the after you can actually see a "bed" and toys. CRAZY.

Oddly enough when I approached Social Services here about it, they said, well, she's trying and she does take the kids to church.

Ummm Yeah... That's not ok.

What can we do? How can we let those around us see that just because we are Pagan; be it Wicca, or what have you; we can raise families. We can be GOOD people. Generally speaking Pagans don't think they have the only "right" way to be. I raised a lovely daughter will all the information on religions around that I could.
Her father, extremely religious and not accepting of Wicca at all, did not allow me to introduce her to any Pagan religions. At 13 I introduced her to Wicca and she has since picked a path more suited to her way of thinking. I wouldn't have it any other way. After all, that's what it's all about isn't it?
What I'd like to share with those out there that are not like minded, We are accepting of all others. We will listen with an open mind and an open heart. We will send out positive thoughts and try to listen intently and maybe even offer a cup of tea with that ear. We do not want you to stop believing in your God. Nor do we want to convert you. Could you please do the same for us?

At times, we as Pagans may drift back into that broom closet as a way to protect those we love. We may even stay there for a while. Today I'm asking all of those out there to pull their Pentacle outside their shirt. Put a flower wreath on your door or wave hello to a neighbor. Spread some positive energy out there and send out some strength to those fellow Pagans that are still tucked away safely in that closet.

Until we are all safe to come out, we are all closeted.

Blessed Be


Sapphire said...

Wow! I was perusing your blog and found a reference to something I wrote! That just made my day! :)

Yeah, people around here like to cherry pick their Bibles. I get so annoyed at times that I just want to scream, but since CPS can be called by ANYONE for ANYTHING, it worries me that someday some holier-than-thou jerk who most likely ignored his or her children can easily call and say that I'm unfit because I'm "weird" or I do "weird things."

When I was dating the guy who would father my first son (we got married and divorced right after our son was born), we held rituals at his parents' house. We started in the garage, then moved to the backyard. People started calling my mother and telling her that I was worshipping Satan, that I was seen sacrificing a goat (there wasn't a goat within 20 miles of that house!), that I was doing all kinds of "terrible" stuff. Fortunately for me, my Mom asked me directly, but I (being a teenager who didn't want to get in trouble or upset her mother) lied and said that those idiots were lying because they didn't like my boyfriend (which I don't like that jerk anymore myself, but that's another story).

There were only a few things that were good that came out of that relationship: my son, some great new music, and Wicca. But the people around here are still the same. Mom knows about my religious affiliation now, but it's pretty much out of sight out of mind for her.

Thanks for the post. I'm sorry if it brought up memories that you would have rather stayed buried. But it's nice to think that something I wrote affected anyone. It feels very strange :)

Sosanna said...

@Sapphire I loved your post. You reminded me of how things in my life used to be but also of how much better I have it now. I felt for you and your family and that's why I wrote that post. I felt that I wanted to have as many people as I could know about your situation and realize that there are others out there that have a great deal to lose if the more radical groups had their way. I think your story was awesome and I love reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by, for following and for adding your comment.

Bright Blessings to you and yours