Food Revolution

My husband and I started watching Jamie Oliver years ago when he had a show on BBC called The Naked Chef. His simple down to earth style of communication was something that attracted us to his show. He prepared simple foods with basic ingredients and cooked outdoors. He always seemed to be in a great mood and his delivery was amazing.

Last year we watch his new series in America called "Food Revolution" This year we are watching again as he takes on the LAUSD - Los Angeles Unified School District, hoping that we can see some changes in the way America feeds its children.

Using Jamie's idea of fresh, non processed, and know your ingredients ideals my husband has started working with some of our friends and family to create meals that they can 'reheat' that will be better for them than the drive through.

Two such families have been able to see a great deal of improvement. One lost 25lbs in 12 weeks by EATING instead of skipping meals. One lost 25lbs in 12 weeks while her husband bulked up using my hubby's food and Power 90 exercises. And of course there is my husband who has lost 60lbs and my incredible 110lb loss.

This weekend he picked up two new clients to prepare for. We really hope that we see the same great results.

That being said last night I turned on to watch Jamie's show. To my surprise before the show started an advertisement appeared saying how wonderful Splenda is for you. Really? Splenda? On Jamie Oliver's show about fresh food with real ingredients? Boggles the mind.

I know some are really concerned about the price of organic food vs. non organic and the cost of processed food vs non processed. Trust me I know about this. I raised a family of 6 on 321.00 a month for food for nearly 8 years. I know buying chips is sometimes cheaper than buying broccoli. I understand.

But what we need to do is understand that the cost of Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease and other weight related illnesses actually cost more for treatment than it does for the organics that can help prevent it.

In the episode last night Jamie was offering to help an independent fast food restaurant owner transform his business into "healthy fast-food". It's amazing that he was so scared to make the changes. My husband looked at me and said, Hey Jaime, I could use some kitchen supplies and a delivery truck to help in my business, and we can change whatever you like! It was so funny. Here we are struggling to collect the money from 4 other families, do the shopping, prepare the food and deliver it to their homes so that they can have good food, with fresh ingredients, and this guy is pissed because Jamie wants him to leave the syrup out of a strawberry shake. Amazing.

In any event, we go on forward, with our own little mini food revolution. We take our little baggies of nuts and fruit with us when we go out now. We don't eat at restaurants often and we even have found that now you can't even get a bottle of water with out some additives in it, so we carry our little water bottles as well.

If you have a moment check out Jamie's page. There's tons of recipes there, most are not vegetarian (for my meat eating friends) most are easy to prepare and very good for you. Maybe one day I'll post some recipes from my hubby on here. We have a to die for 4 bean chili and most excellent black bean enchiladas.

Remember you are what you eat.

Blessed Be

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