Scrying for Beginners - Chapter's 1 & 2

As some of you may know I'm extremely interested in scrying; I've always felt that I was able to "receive" messages from those close to me who are far away. For example, ever time my daughter who was in college across the country craved fried chicken I would crave the same thing for days and days. Only to find out from her at the end of the week that she was doing nothing but eating fried chicken all week. If she was having a rough time and feeling unhappy I was able to feel her sadness.

I've had this connection with other people as well. The hubby sends me his pain. Yes, I know that's strange but that's what we call it. I know the difference between my own headache and the one that comes around because he has one. When he broke his ankle, I had a sore leg for weeks. At that time he was up in Virginia working, we didn't see each other but only once a week but talked on the phone daily.

And of course like many of you Witches out there, you can feel it, when something is not right. I call it "a disturbance in the force".

So... back to the book.

This book, Scrying for Beginners, was published in 1997 by Llewellyn Publications. The author, Donald Tyson, is not only an expert on scrying but also is a Scryer. He opens the book with an introduction about his Grandfather who was a circus acrobat and strong man before moving to Nova Scotia. Donald believes that he may have gotten his gift from this very same grandfather who after moving to Nova Scotia read playing cards, tea leaves and palms for anyone who wanted/needed help. He never took payment and only asked that they leave what they felt was appropriate at his door. I think that is really cool. I know many of us need to make a living and pay the bills, but to be able to practice your craft, to help others and not have to rely on it for day to day payment is wonderful.

Chapter 1 goes in to discussing what exactly scrying is. For me, before I picked up this book I always thought that scrying consisted of either a mirror, a crystal or water. To my surprise apparently Dowsing is a type of scrying but the Tarot is not. He goes on to explain how the moon is closely connected to scrying. AGAIN, I'm amazed because I am certainly a moon child. On one of our first dates, there was a huge moon in San Diego and hubby ran up to the house, grabbed my hand, hurried me out to the street and said, look, I got this for you, turned me around and I saw the biggest moon I had ever seen. I wear moonstone jewelry and always follow the phases.

Chapter 2 talks about the psychological mechanism of scrying. The author talks about how our consciousness blocks reception of scried information. That's why its rare to get those moments of "psychic knowledge" when you're not looking for it. Sometimes you may have a vision, or see a flash of something, but these are rare. The act of scrying is where we tell our mind to reach out into our unconsciousness find a particular bit of information and bring it to our conscious mind. The author compares this to being hypnotized. Scrying he says, is a form of self hypnosis where the scryer uses an object, a crystal, water, or smoke to try to get back to that same point of consciousness where the mind is open to messages from the unconscious mind. Much like a post hypnotic suggestion.

Interesting huh?

Apparently many famous scryers or seers like Carl Jung and Nostradamus used water as way to scry.

So that's it. Chapters 1 and 2. I'm very excited to see how this is going. The author says he has several exercises to help get your mind ready for scrying. Anyone can be a scryer he says. I'm excited about that. Sometimes my mind goes really really really (yes I needed three really's) fast and I'm hoping that sitting down with whatever tool I eventually decide to use and just concentrating will help me slow that mind down and open myself up to more information. More positiveness and more knowledge.

Blessed Be


Alexis Kennedy said...

Wow, sounds fantastic, Sosanna! Thanks for sharing!
Have you read anything on Dr. Emoto's work, Hado?
I think it ties in nicely with using water for scrying :)

Sosanna said...

Thanks for the comment Kallan, I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the book. I had a look at the website but I didn't get it. I have had a pretty crazy day today so I'll check again tomorrow maybe it will make more sense.

Wyvernsrose said...

Interesting, but for me not a pleasant experience, I have always had this happen throughout my life, every time one of my loved ones is suicidal. suddenly feel sick and have to leave class only to find them unconscious at home........

it can stay as blunt as it is it works. no one has been lost since I was 7

Sosanna said...

Thanks for your comment Wyvernrose, I read last night that children are actually more sensitive to this than adults are. I'm sure that had to be a really scary thing. To be honest I've been thinking about scrying for a long time but was afraid of what I might see. After this last two years I decided that I needed to just reach out and see what's there. Sending out good should return good times three. I'm confident in my ability to be a positive person. I hope that it shows itself in my ability to scry. Again thanks for your comment.