There's No Place Like Home

Over the weekend we experienced some of the worse weather in the history of North Carolina. Hubby and I sat in the living-room watching the storm updates and seeing the clouds change outside.

This was what we saw from our front yard.

We ended up in our hallway with the Chihuahuas, blankets, water, cell phone and flashlights. Waiting to see if we would hear the sirens from the base alerting the area that there was indeed a tornado on the ground. As the wind whipped around the yard and the Sycamore trees swayed I could feel the temperature change. The birds all stopped singing. Then it was over. I looked outside and saw no real damage in our area. We drove over to my sisters to sit with her to ride out the rest of the storm. We sat watching the video stories about the Lowe's that was destroyed, homes, schools, it was just insane. Twenty-one people died in the outbreak of storms this weekend in NC alone. We saw many reports on Wilson NC and Raleigh NC as being pretty heavily damaged by the storms; but yesterday as we drove to Greenville NC we passed through the little town of Snow Hill.

Snow Hill is just north of my 95 year old Grandmother's house. Maybe 20, 30 minutes down the road from her. As we entered the town traffic completely stopped. Hubby and I don't watch a lot of TV so we had no idea what the little town looked like. As we inched closer to the area where the school is sadly we began to see houses with red X's painted on them, houses off their foundations, medical transport vehicles sitting along the pathway to each house in the developement. Across the road the school had the roof off, trees were down, power lines were down, police cars were sprinkled around the area with lights flashing in an almost whimsical but surreal pattern.

It was complete destruction. This is what I saw.

Seeing this little area that I have driven through so many times, completely destroyed was extremely intense. The little Andy's restaurant, gone. Little strip mall, gone. Then the hardware store, not touched. Next door, the gas station, roof missing. Across the street, neighbor, devastation.

It was one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.

Here is a link to one of the many reports on the storm.


Something's telling me we are in for a very active spring and summer. I ask that we all take a moment, pray, light a candle, acknowledge nature, what ever you need to do to send out some positive energy to each and every one of those affected by the storms this weekend, not only in NC but across the southeast. This 3 day outbreak is already set to be the worst tornado outbreak in history.

Sending out positive energy...

Blessed Be

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Hailey Marie said...

Oh my goodness. The destruction is awful. We've been getting some bad windstorms in Texas... but nothing compared to that. My thoughts are with those affected as well as those in Texas who are currently affected by the Wild Fires in the west.