Utoh Daddy!

So by now I'm sure everyone has heard about the CEO of Godaddy.com and his elephant escapades.

Warning: I removed the auto play because like many others I'm sure that the last thing you really want to see is an animal being killed. Please understand that I have this video here for those that might want to see exactly what happened and make their own decisions. For those with sensitivity, please understand why I did this.

Now I ask you, really how is this different that deer hunters, bear hunters, alligator hunters really ANY other hunter? You know the difference? Because the elephant is so cute and we want to protect it.

Animals that do not have the same "attractive" shaped faces and eyes are often ignored. Everyone saves the whales, but no one saves the shrimp or the tuna. Everyone wants the dolphins to be protected but what about the cobras? What about the jackal?

This is one example of how some rich American runs around with cash in hand to take advantage of a situation so that he can get his rocks off killing something. (crude yes, but true)

Not only is he exploiting this poor elephant, much like he does marketing his domain having 1/2 naked women sport his domain but he's also exploiting th villagers that have no idea what "Go Daddy" is or even really care.

I'm in no way condoning the behavior of Bob Parsons, but I think that before we are so quick to cast stones at him, we need to rethink how we treat all the inhabitants of this planet. Not only those with feathers, fins and fur but those ones with skin like our own that are continually dehumanized, be it with a Godaddy hat or a 1/2 shirt that shows off what he's really using to sell internet access anyway... Boobs.

For those interested in more information on this you can find the following:

From Peta - Link

From Bob Link

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Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

I get it, you are pointing to the hyprocracy. Like there are these set rules of what is ok to hunt and eat and what is not ok...to the point that people freak out if you eat something not on that list. I'm not condoning that either, but who made the rules???

Sosanna said...

Exactly my point! Why is it ok to kill all this other stuff on list x but list y is a no no. Looking around at my farm, my vegetarian diet and my cruelty free products I am in no way saying what he did is right, but I'm asking those out there that say, well as long as it's raised to slaughter it's ok... Well, it's not.

Thanks so much for your comment!

Blessed Be