What I Do on PTO

So I've seen several postings on Facebook about a picture a day, a song a day and a book a day. Each one asking you to document a particular thing for that day. I've decided that I'm going to start a Blog Series on PTO. PTO is of course Paid Time Off.

In my busy everyday life I work for a consulting firm as a business analyst. I break up my day with my garden, my animals and my wonderful hubby. On those rare occasions, about 34 a year, I get PTO. I try to use those days as what I like to call Mental Health Days. It helps me get my mind back into focus and ready to give my usual 110% the rest of the time.

This Blog Series will bring into my PTO Days.

Day 1 - April 8, 2011

This morning hubby and I got up and headed out to the gym. We took along some clothes to change into so we could spend some time in town. We managed to finish up our workout and when I went into the changing room to put on my street clothes so we could venture out into the "city"; I tried to pull my jeans up and to my surprise, they wouldn't fit. I was completely freaking out because I thought Ummmmm I can't possibly not be able to get into these jeans.

I took them off and looked at the tag. UGH! Much to my surprise I had grabbed my "goal" jeans from the closet instead of my current jeans. Not ready for that size 8 just yet. We ended up heading out of the gym with my workout pants on. I was completely annoyed. When I got to the car hubby said, let's head over to the thrift store and get some pants. We ended up finding some great pants so Yeah Score!

Our next stop was to Starbucks. As you know I recently won a card and sleeve which has led me to want to go in more often. I found a new treat there.

They have little organic platters that include fruits and nuts, a protein one that has cage free boiled eggs and even a chicken pita with hummus. They were out of my Zen tea so I had to try a new tea called "Alert". It had a bit of mint to it. It was nice.

Our next stop was to head back home and take care of the animals. Yesterday our three ducks left to go to a bigger farm with other ducks to be with. So we cleaned out the duck area, opened it up to the chickens, fed everyone, petted everyone, updated our Facebook status (must keep those priorities straight) and headed out on the motorcycle.

While out and about hubby and I went to this cute little restaurant that we found a few weeks ago and have lunch. It was not so good.

Salsa was good, but the rest just didn't meet up to standards. We left there and went over to Tractor Supply Company in search of a wood stove. Yes, a wood stove. We are hoping to cut down on our electricity this winter by getting one set up. We struct out at both Tractor Supply Company and at Lowes. Oddly enough as we stopped for a water break on the motorcycle later in the day we got an email from someone that has one and we might go look at it tomorrow.

After Lowes, we drove around down town Wilson. It's a cute little place and it has a farmer's market so we'll have to head out there again. Perhaps in another PTO Blog Update! 8)

So after that we headed out towards Rosewood to look at a plant nursery and found a great little roadside fruit and veggie stand where we picked up some fresh local onions and tomatoes. We stopped at Food Lion and grabbed some avocado for our usual black bean tacos for dinner.

So now I'm wrapping up my first PTO day on the phone with my daughter hearing about her day at work. My legs are tired and my neck is a little sore from being on the bike all day but Wow! It was such a good day. The sun, the wind the roar. It was amazing.

Excellent Day out in the warm air. Hope you were able to enjoy your day as well.

Blessed Be

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