What's a Witch?

So what makes me a witch? Can I just say I'm a witch and be one? Do I need to live by the rule of three? How do I know I'm a witch? How do I come to terms with others "becoming" a witch?

These are the odd questions I find myself contemplating this morning. I've recently learned that someone who was extremely nasty and negative, someone who in the past contacted me with hate and anger has "become" a witch.

My first thought is, well if it harms none, then let it go. Accept the new face for what it is displaying and go forward. The skeptical part of me however thinks otherwise. The skeptical part of me thinks that maybe this is just another part of the "Woo let me shock everyone" by this time picking up Wicca and calling myself a witch. Am I being too judgmental?

It's not like I own Wicca. It's not like I can tell anyone if they are or are not truly a witch. To go further, it's not even like I really want to discuss it with them either.

To me, in order to "Be A Witch", you need to be one with nature. You need to have your body and mind grounded. You need to be able to look at the world understand that negativity is out there, identify it and react accordingly. You cannot look at the world with seek and destroy glasses on, you have to pull out those live and let live glasses and trust that all that we see is part of the natural circle of life. Even the bad stuff.

To be a witch you need to understand that you can focus your energies and send them out to others. You need to send that energy out in a positive way. You need to respect the rule of three and do what you can to honor the Reede. Most of all, you need to have a giving understanding accepting and loving heart.

More than a having an altar, more than having books and candles, the mind is the most important tool for a witch. Keep your tool clean, sharp and true and you'll always be one with the Goddess.

Today I send out positive energies and hope to those in my past that have wronged me. I send out forgiveness and love to those that have shunned me and hated me. I send out understanding and an offer of friendship to those that have hurt me.

To me, that's what's a witch.

Blessed Be


Magaly Guerrero said...

I would love to say that Witches are only the wonderful people who remember that all living creatures are to be loved and respected, but the truth is much different. Just like there are terrible aspects of Nature and of the gods, there are also terrible Witches. It is a shame, isn't it? But I think that those of us who spread love and understanding keep things a little balance; I hope.

Sosanna said...

It is a shame. Sending out more balance... Thanks so much for your comment.

Sapphire said...

Very nicely said. :)