Business Etiquette - RANT

Caution RANT

HOLY MOLY did I have a rough day yesterday. I generally do not discuss work in my blog. That's because this area is suppose to be a safe haven for me. It's suppose to be a place where I can come and ease my mind and be around others who are like minded. So this post is going to very very vague. Hopefully everyone can follow. (Names have been changed to protect the GUILTY)

In my line of work we design, launch and support content management and collaboration software. Basically I help people decide where to put their files and help them find them when they can't. So after launching a new platform a member of the group I support decided that they were going to put their files where ever they wanted instead of following the model and told me that just because I didn't do my job and missed the requirement they wasn't going to jump through hoops to submit a request for the new model.

What? Ok let me get this straight, you're going to put what you want where you want no matter what the rule says? Really? And why are you screaming at me? At what point did we digress to the sandbox where you can grab all the toys and run across the yard with them stomp your foot and say "MINE". Really?


When discussing this situation with other co-workers I'm told, Oh "Blank" is just hard to work with. "Blank" does this to everyone, don't take it personal. "Blank" is just that way. Really? Blank is just that way? Ummm Not to me they're not. (dialing phone) Hello HR? I'd like to have a discussion with someone......

You see where I'm going here.

Ok ....

I'm done with this now..



Alexis Kennedy said...

Wow, how is it that this person has gotten away with that behavior for so long that everyone knows him to be this way? Good for you in calling HR, Sosanna!! *highfive*

Sosanna said...

It's amazes me that some people are this way in business (well they're probably that way in other areas of their life as well) However, to be told by numerous co-workers "Oh that's normal" and it be ok? Um no. I think they forget that we're suppose to be in the same company with the same goal. It just stunned me to hear a grown up talking that way.

I'm writing up my document to submit to HR today. Hopefully some one will at least address the issue and it will stop.

Lilac Wolf (Angie or Angela) said...

Really surprising that people can get away with bad behavior simply because "they are just that way." A jerk is a jerk, and there's no reason to bring that to work. Good job for standing up!