The Fantastic Falafel Fiasco - PTO

Continuing in my line of PTO documentation I wanted to tell everyone about my PTO Day. This past Friday I took PTO for our Yard Sale. We had a ton and I mean a ton (hubby says... no it's not a ton!) of stuff that we have acquired over the last 5 years and it was time for some Spring cleaning!

After the yard sale was over, hubby and I checked out Craig's list and happen to find a Wood Stove for sale for 150.00. Awesome deal because we had expected to pay about 350/400 for the main part of the stove. I called the guy and found out the stove was in Timberlake. That's a good 2-3 hours from us. While chatting with the guy he said, heck you're coming from that far I'll let you have it for 125.00. Needless to say my ability to resist a great deal has never been fantastic so off we went to Timberlake.

Testing out the new GPS ability on my phone we decided that we would locate some Falafel for me. I found the address to Baba Ghannouj Mediterranean Bistro Good Falafel, bad directions... we road around in circles back and forwards and when I called the place they said.... OH you went to the new Harris Teeter we're in the old Harris Teeter shopping center. DANG! I forgot to check, ignore the new Harris Teeter on my GPS apparently! LOL

Saturday we got up and headed to Out Raliegh festival. After being annoyed at the lack of gender correct contact we decided to leave and go find something to eat. On a side note, the protesters were there in force with their megaphones and spouting their hate, nothing new right? Right down from the kids face-painting and play area. Nice.. Real Jesus Like. UGH

So back to the food... What did I want? Falafel. Again, we plugged in Falafel into the GPS and started on the trip. We found Jasmin Mediterranean Bistro. Good Falafel, good baklava unfortunately it was right across the street from my arch nemesis NC State University. I had to eat quickly before they recognized the Tarheel Blue Blood running through my veins (GO TARHEELS). I scampered off to the Dancing Moon Shop before heading back to Seven Springs.

After arriving home and putting on my shorts and getting relaxed, hubby comes in and says, I want a boxer puppy. We searched on the different pet lists and stuff to find him a boxer. He loves boxers and we're in a position where we can possibly start raising them again. So what the heck! We found one! She was perfect! I called and she was still available. She was however in Monroe NC. Near CHARLOTTE! Holy Crap 3 hours away!

We grabbed the crackers and peanuts along with the bottled water and headed out. After about an hour or so hubby said, what do you want for dinner. He said pizza? He said tacos? I said... Falafel. He looked at me and laughed and said, ok fine, find one out here. All I saw was trees. I started messing with the GPS and tried to find a Falafel. Nothing was coming up. Finally I said, fine, get what you want! (Pouting) We drove past a strip mall and I saw in a flash, Sahara - Chicken Schwarma.... I said honey honey stop there's a place that might have it! Sure enough my Hero exits the store with a small white bag of happiness for me. ARG! Onions! I had to pick all the onions off... and they used flatbread instead of pita... but over all, it hit the spot.

So, out of all the places we went to the best Falafel in NC is right here at home. Nothing beats hubby's Falafel!

Life is Good

Blessed Be




Hailey Marie said...

I've honestly never had a falafel, and your new puppy just looks absolutely adorable.

Sosanna said...

Falafel is a fried chickpea patty, vegetarian.. little spicy, usually served with Greek yogurt with dill and cucumber chopped up in it. For some reason I've been on a Falafel kick for the last week. I can't get enough. She is adorable... We love her... Thanks for your comment!