Fingernails & Health

As many of you know over the last 2 years I've had a huge change in the way I treat my body and my mind. I've opened my mind up to spending more time with Wicca and becoming more in tune with the natural world. I've started celebrating the full moon and taking part in ritual activity to help me become more aligned with the Earth and Moon. I've picked up scrying tools and started to experiment with that as well as beginning a course on Reiki Healing. I've changed my diet to remove all processed foods and artificial sweeteners. I've removed ALL JUNK food from my diet. If it comes in a little cellophane wrapper, I don't eat it. I've also become a vegetarian.

Looking at the results of my changes, I can say with out a doubt they are incredible. I have gone from a size 24W to a size 10Missy. I have lost over 110lbs and been able to remove all my prescriptions from my diet. The only pills I take now are vitamins.

Years ago, probably about five or so, I would go to the nail salon at least one a month usually twice to get a mani and a pedi. I was there like clockwork. In fact I was there so often that one year as a gift my company gave me a gift certificate to my favorite salon for several visits. I was completely hooked. Well I had to be. My nails were so thin and brittle that it was crazy. They would literally bend in half when I pushed them over. Last night while laying in bed I noticed that my nails are crazy hard. There's no pushing them over now. It made me think about what was it exactly that helped me so much, where years of Sally Hensen's Hard AS Nails product failed miserably.

The answer? DIET!!! There are several articles on WebMD, and that discuss how to eat a "balanced diet" to help your hair and nails. And forever I thought it was crap. But I'm here now to tell you that it's not. I have seen the proof directly.

So take a moment to think about your next trip to the salon. Those chemicals are not good for you. The nail guy wears a mask for a reason. He doesn't offer you one. That stuff isn't good for you. Add some B vitamins to your diet, eggs, soybeans and biotin will help and be much better for you!

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