Scrying for Beginners - Chapter 7 & Collecting My Tools

My email box lit up today with a wonderful message from Pagan Stuff Cheap. My order was shipped! I'm so excited. Sadly the crystal ball I wanted is on back order. On Sunday I got a email telling me that I could wait for it or cancel my order. The ball is made out of Alexandrite and it looks soooo nice. I just had to wait for it.

Next I collected my scrying journal. It's a nice purple binder I found at the thrift store and I filled it with loose leaf paper. I'm very excited about it. I ordered a crystal point necklace with crystals across the front to try to use as a pendulum. We'll see how that goes.

I'm still on the hunt for my little black bowl. I was really surprised at how hard they are to find. Trust me though I WILL find it.

Lastly my dearest hubby made me a wonderful scrying mirror. We found the directions in the book because at the time of publishing apparently buying black mirrors was unheard of. (Makes me wonder if I need a more updated book) LOL

So my tools are nearly complete....

Chapter 7's first exercise is to take something that you have readily. A Key, a book, a tube of chapstick and hold it in your hand. Visualize it. Then close your eyes and try to recreate it. Try to make it viewable from all side. Turn it around, upside down and so forth. I've been doing that a little each day. It's very interesting and oddly enough pretty easy to do. I hope that's a good sign.

So off to get my non magikal day going. Can't wait for my new supplies to arrive.

Blessed Be

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