Time Management

So my time management has been in the crapper lately. I've tried to manage my work schedule along with all my hobbies, which include, Blogging, reading, Wicca, Animals(Ferrets, chihauhaus, boxers, parakeets, cats, chickens and lizards, including a new Yorkie Puppy) and learning to Scry.

Needless to say my life over the last few months has been complete slammed. I have also as you're aware, had issues with my mother as well.

On Monday I got an update from a group I followed years ago on Facebook called National Fibromyalgia Awareness. Remembering that I no longer had Fibro and that I really didn't need to follow the page any more, I posted a nice goodbye and and offer of anyone who wanted to follow me or friend me to do so and I'd be happy to share with them how I got off the Fibro meds, cured my pre-diabetes and lost over 110lbs. Let me tell you, people that are in pain are not happy people. I was immediately attacked as a liar, someone who never had Fibro, someone who didn't know what they were talking about or just a stupid person. Amazing! Try to share some good info with folks and that's what you get.

That's when it dawned on me, of course that was after hubby pointed it out, that I'm a pleaser. I try to make everyone happy. I try to support everyone's cause and lend a hand to everyone I can and leaving myself completely bankrupt for taking care of my own needs.

As I sit here now preparing for my day at work, I think about all the things I have to get done today. None of which will occur between 8am-5pm. I need to apply a little bit of time management and a bit of self preservation to prevent myself from going completely bonkers.

So my posts may be a little slower going forward, my likes a little behind and my comments coming all at one time. I ask that my wonderful followers hang in there and understand what I'm trying to accomplish and stay with me.
I also wanted to update everyone on the Scrying... I seem to have woke up some sort of psychic ability in myself. I've been able to find items that were lost, somehow I just "knew" where they were; and I've been able to help hubby remember shopping items simply by closing my eyes and "listening" to his head. Weird... Trust me I know... but I think it's working.

Blessed Be