Disappointment in the Morning

So I get finished with my morning routine of a bit of Wii Fit jogging and some yoga. I have my Jasmine rice with some hot tea and a banana. Working to keep myself clean from chemicals I go to the bathroom and get ready to brush my teeth.

I reach in the draw and pull out my trusty Tom's of Maine Toothpaste, but grab my new tube by mistake. I toss it on the counter and pull out the old one. Then I notice that my new tube says "Fluoride". I blink. Fluoride? I don't use that! In fact, I lost my mind when the last dentist I went to just put it in my mouth without even asking me.

I grab the tube and flip it over to read the back. NOW there's this warning that says "Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed". Now perhaps I'm a worry wart, but generally if it says fatal if swallowed, I'm thinking you shouldn't put it in your mouth. Just me, but I'm thinking that's a pretty good rule of thumb.

So here I sit with my new "Wicked Fresh" toothpaste, that I spent a good $4 bucks on and it's now useless to me.

Just goes to show you, READ READ READ. Just because you "trust" a label doesn't mean they're not going to change on you.

Very very disappointed in you Tom. I think I'll drop them a line. Contact Tom's here.

Namaste & Blessed Be


Hailey Marie said...

I think it's only fatal if you swallow large amounts of it. And even then google tells me you'd have to eat a whole lot of it.

Is it possible you just picked up the wrong tube of Toms? I don't know much about the brand... but I think they were recently bought by a major retailer.

Sosanna said...

It is possible I picked up the wrong one. I just find it annoying that when you find a product brand that you really support and then you find that some of their other stuff isn't so good for you. For example Avon, they don't test on animals but their deodorant has Aluminum in it which is a contributor to breast cancer. It just makes me sad.

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, that SUCKS! I'm huge in the habit of reading labels because I'm both vegetarian and allergic to tree nuts (and they are EVERYWHERE), but I often forget products. I'll have to check that, too!

Ugh, I'm sorry. :( Could you possibly return the tube and pick out a more appropriate one? Some places are really good about that. :)

Sosanna said...

So Customer service contacted me from my comment on their "Contact Us" page. They're sending me a new tube of toothpaste without fluoride. I'm very excited about that.