Embrace the Sparkle #5

Learning how to identify moods and feelings is a major task for a Bipolar person. Being able to identify when you're "sparkling" and when your not will help others in your life deal with you. I've found that when I start to feel go go go or when "Everything is Everywhere" I know that I'm beginning a cycle.

There are ways to help you figure out your moods. You can keep a journal. You can blog about it. You can take a mood tracker type test, like the one they have at Moodscope. There you can track your moods by taking a test where you flip the cards around to rate your current mood.

Then you get a graph that shows you your moods over the last weeks or months.

This works well for the general person, however for a rapid cycling bipolar this may not be as useful. Rapid cyclers will go from extremely high to extremely low very quickly.

A note from WebMD: (LINK)

What Are the Risks of Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder?

The most serious risk of rapid cycling bipolar disorder is suicide. People with bipolar disorder are 10 to 20 times more likely to commit suicide than people without bipolar disorder. Tragically, 8% to 20% of people with bipolar disorder eventually lose their lives to suicide.

People with rapid cycling bipolar disorder are probably at even higher risk for suicide than those with "regular" bipolar disorder. They are hospitalized more often, and their symptoms are usually more difficult to control long term.

Treatment reduces the likelihood of serious depression and suicide. Lithium in particular, taken long term, reduces the risk.

People with bipolar disorder are also at higher risk for substance abuse. Nearly 60% of people with bipolar disorder abuse drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse is associated with more severe or poorly controlled bipolar disorder.

It's important to be sure that your friends and family are familiar with your disorder so they can help you identify times when you may need some additional support. You may need to spend some extra time taking care of yourself. Not everyone has to be on specific meds for this. You can control this and get a handle on it with a loving support system, good nutrition and meditation. Most importantly, if you feel like you there's no hope left. You're wrong. There's a lot of people out there just like you.

Embrace the Sparkle. It's what makes you special.

Namaste & Blessed Be


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