Embrace the Sparkle #6

I spend my day working and blogging and trying to get things done. I put so much energy is finishing a project or starting a new project. Sometimes I forget to stop and look at the project and enjoy it.

I've tried Reiki, I've tried meditation, I've tried music. Nothing seems to slow or quiet my mind. It keeps spinning spinning spinning around faster and faster.

What makes it stop? Anything? Is there anything out there the slows the force that rages in my brain. My eyes pop open and I see the sparkle. I know it's coming and it's out of my control.

How do I reign it in. What can I do to pull it all back to the center?

I feel my hands start to shake as my mind tells me not to worry about it. I can do anything. I am the best I can accomplish all I need. I can indeed rule my destiny.

This sounds wonderful. The power of positive thinking right?


This is the sparkle, this is how it begins. It lures me in much like the Crystalline Entity of STNG. The beauty, the power, the sheer awesomeness of the moment, only leads to my own demise.


Close your eyes.


Just outside the darkness I can see a light. A bright light there, I can smell my candles, I can see the dancing flame through the darkness. My eyes close, shielding themselves from the intense truth that is there before me.


Now open your eyes.

I look around and see my life before me. Things that I missed before. A wonderful daughter. A loving husband. A solid job. Wonderful friends.

All this is there, just outside the sparkle. Reach for it. Hold on to it. It is the answer to your wondering.

Don't give up, don't let it get you down. Embrace the Sparkle.

Namaste & Blessed Be


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