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While doing some research for my second piece with the, I came across a wonderful blog. The blog is called "Gay Themed Picture Books for Kids". This blog is written by Patricia Sarles, MA, MLS, and offers a list of titles with reviews of books that are directed at the children of LGBT families.

The page lists each book with a cover shot and information from the publisher as well as ISBN numbers for folks to try to locate the books online or in the library.

I took a trip to the Barnes and Noble in Crabtree Valley Mall and needless to say, they had none of the books (I tried to locate the first five) available. When I asked the Information Desk, the lady there, didn't know what LGBT was so I did not get much help at this location. I ended up leaving empty handed.

I attempted to actually locate a reading center, or library group or even a book group that had titles directed to LGBT Families and found exactly zero.

I headed back home empty handed but stopped along the way to mail out a box of LGBT Books to the New LGBT Community Center in Hampton Roads. This is a newly opened center and is in need of donations.

So if you get a gift card from Amazon and don't know what to do with it, buy a Gay Themed Children s book and donate it to your local LGBT Center!

You can read my post at the examiner titled Summary Reading here. Likes there would be awesome!

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