Tweet Me!

Well I finally had time to sit down and do it. And it worked correctly... The first time....

What am I talking about?

I have a "LIKE" button on my blog now. AND a "Tweet" button. How exciting. I love coding, I love HTML, I love making "Hello World" buttons flash and blink. I also however have a tendency to blow up electronic things. Watches I wear stop working. Hard drives crash, I've gone through dozens of cell phones. For some reason electronics and I just don't get along.

However for today, Just for today I am one with my electronics.

Using a posting by IBM's Luis Benitez, I was able to get my buttons up and running. He has a great how to posted on his blog Socialize Me.

Thanks for taking the time to post this Luis. You've made me a happy witch.

Here's to looking at things getting better this week. OH and don't forget to vote for the Pagan Mom's on Circle of Mom's Top 25 Blogs of Faith by Moms

Namaste & Blessed Be



Sapphire said...

awesome! I barely use my twitter. I always feel like people don't want to hear about me. I'm boring :)

Sosanna said...

I used to think that too.. Until I found a huge Pagan community on Twitter. I've found many who come to my blog now from Twitter because they just hate Facebook. It's really interesting to see all the posts from people all over the world. It's microblogging. Just little one liners that you think are important. I'd follow you Sapphire! :)

Thanks for your comment