What's Love Got to Do With It?

Yes, Tina hit the nail on the head when she sang "What's Love Got To Do With It". According to the the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and the Bible, pretty much nothing.

After my run this morning hubby and I popped open the News Channel on the Wii and started reading the news of the day with our tea. I nearly spit my coffee out when I saw that NOM has started a four year plan to have marriage equality revoked in New York. The blog "The New Civil Rights Movement" had a post that gives the details of NOM's plan.

Their plan is basically to elect all "Pro Marriage" majorities in the House and Senate, elect "pro marriage" candidates in 2014 so they can get an amendment passed in 2015, finally passing a ballot measure in 2015.

A quote in the article I read on the Wii said "NOM wants to bring back biblical marriage".


Biblical Marriage?

Let's talk about biblical marriage. I found a relatively non-offensive site that lists all the bible verses that talk about marriage. (LINK)

In my reading there I believe the following to be true of biblical marriage.

1. You cannot have a divorce, if you do you commit adultery.
2. Your husband can sleep with the servants if you're sterile.
3. If you're raped, your rapist must pay the "Bride's price" to your family and marry you.
4. If you're not a virgin, you can't get married.
5. If your bother dies, you have to marry his wife.
6. It's better to live alone than with a wife who argues.
7. You can have several wives or one wife, it's pretty much up to the man, however a woman can only have one husband.
8. 15 foreskins is a good price for a wife.
9. You can't marry your sister, but you can marry your cousin.
10. If you're king, you can collect all the virgins of the land and put them in a court, if they gain your favor, give them cosmetics.

Nice eh?

Sounds like just what I want.... NOT!

How about this for marriage.

1. Love me
2. Respect me
3. Don't hurt me

That's all I need. I don't need biblical marriage. Hell I don't believe that anyone alive today really "WANTS" biblical marriage. The most important thing about marriage is love. You have to love each other with your very being. You have to respect that person with the same respect that you show yourself. You have to not hurt that personal, physically and emotionally. That's a marriage. That's a partnership.

In my opinion, if NOM wants to "SAVE MARRIAGE", what needs to happen is that all the civil rights that have been attached to marriage need to be changed. Those rights need to be in a legal setting where they belong. They do not belong attached to the word Marriage. Get the government OUT of marriage. However, if you plan to protect people based on a personal decision to join their households together, and share their assets, those protections need to be applied equally across the board to ALL.

Love is Love is Love

Namaste & Blessed Be



Hailey Marie said...

I'm fine with the government handling marriage and handing out certificates for legal rights and stuff... they just need to take religion out of it. Everyone should have the right to join into a partnership with whomever they want. Be they gay, straight, bi, transgender, polygamist, polyamorist... etc. Religion shouldn't dictate the laws, religion has no part in our laws.

The biblical marriage bit gave me a good laugh though.

Sosanna said...

Agree completely Hailey, religion and government do not mix. They need to get the bible out of the law books! Thanks for you comment!

Sabrina M Bowen said...

IF we lived in a country were religion and government were still one and the same, then I would agree that a religious definition would actually matter. BUT, we live in a country with freedom of religion, where religious definitions are numerous and therefore don't or shouldn't matter when creating laws. Marriage takes place in this country as a LEGAL partnership, not a solely religious one. So, it should be treated as such on a legal level which means not denying on the bases of gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation... As far as I'm concerned, if YOU choose to have a marriage that follows the "biblical" definition, that's up to YOU, but I choose not to - and I should have the right to define my own marriage as I choose!

Sosanna said...

Excellent comment Sabrina! Everyone's marriage is their own marriage, one doesn't take from the other.

Thanks for comment!

Amanda Brueckner said...

Well said!

Nico said...

Wonderful post!

Sosanna said...

Thanks for your comments Cena and Amanda. I appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right !! these rules have got nothing to do with anyone's personal life !!! natural medicine center