Aladdin's Eatery - Raleigh

Finding new and interesting places to eat can sometimes be a challenge. This weekend I was prompted to try a new restaurant by Groupon. Groupon is a way of sharing savings or deals with people via email by signing up for discounts in your area. Emails are then sent with updates on what businesses are offering deals. This deal offers $15 dollars worth of food at Aladdin’s Eatery for only $7. At time of this writing this deal was still available. 8 hours remain in the purchase time 1,548 actually purchased this discount and based on my experience there it’s TOTALLY worth it.

Aladdin’s Eatery has amazing d├ęcor. The inside is warm and friendly. The colors are amazing. I was greeted by wonderful wait staff that seated us quickly. We were escorted to our table passing by an amazing dessert case.

This wonderful restaurant boasts of nothing Pre-Packaged, multiple vegetarian options with fruit that is fresh and not frozen. They have dine, carryout and catering available.

If you leave Aladdin’s eatery hungry you have no one to blame but yourself. The portions are HUGE and the prices extremely reasonable.

My dinner guest ordered Aladdin’s Lamb Rolled with a side salad. The salad was huge; it had lots of lettuce feta cheese and a nice vinegar dressing with chopped tomatoes and onions. The “roll” was about a foot long pita and was packed with lots of lamb, lettuce, turnips, pickles and tahini sauce.

I ordered the Falaffel Pocket. This thing was gigantic. It was a full dinner size salad stuffed into a huge pita with vegetarian patties made from chick peas, fava beans, parsley and scallions. They are fried in peanut oil and served with tahini yogurt sauce. It was absolutely amazing. I love falafel and have tried it in many locations around the state. This was by far one of the best I’ve had.

Over all a complete success! If you’re looking for a new dining experience I highly recommend visiting Aladdin’s Eatery at Briar Creek.

Happy Eating!

Namaste & Blessed Be


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