Fayetteville Trip

Yesterday morning hubby and I took off on the motorcycle (this time with sunscreen) to Fayetteville NC.

We found two little shops we wanted to go have a look at. Our journey took us to the Fayetteville Flea Mall on Raeford Road.

Our first stop was Silver Sister's Cottage. When I walked in there was a small group of three or four sitting around a table chatting about where to find the best little trinkets and gifts for the shop. I was welcomed in and offered assistance. I spent much of my time admiring the homey decor that made me feel like I was in the basement of a very experienced witch and rummaging through her treasures.

Here are some pictures from the place.

This was a really great little shop. I was looking for a new pentacle but one didn't find me in this shop. You can find Silver Sister's Cottage on Facebook. The owner, Tracy Bonner has a page on Facebook and has really done a great job with her shop. Silver Sister's Cottage will be participating in NC Pagan Pride this year. I plan to attend as well.

As we continued around the flea mall we found another little shop called "Silver Stars"

Silver Star's shop is very different from Sisters. This shop is light and fun. It has lots of dream catchers and happiness around. The shop is nestled in the back of the building but when you see the twinkle lights and stars around you know you're in the right spot.

I managed to have a look at the jewelry case and again, my pentacle escaped me. But I shall find it soon. One of the cutest things about this shop is their spell kits. As I've mentioned in the past I'm not huge on spell kits, but this little drawer with the types of spells on the outside and inside with the little baggies filled with spell components was simply adorable.

Silver Stars can be found on Facebook as well.

Over all a wonderful trip and a major score in finding too very great looking shops. If we end up moving to Fayetteville I can see myself spending a great deal of time down at these shops. Maybe even I'll send them one of my homemade wreaths to sell in their shop.

Next week I'm visting "Truly Unique" in Wilson. Can't wait to see what they have for me there!

Namaste & Blessed Be

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