My Thoughts on the Pagan Community

Yesterday a friend of mine, Kallan, posted a wonderful post on apathy. It really hit home for me. Living in a rural area, I had no idea of the Pagan Community that was here all along.

I shopped online and did my best to conduct myself as a good solitary. I've never been much into large groups and gatherings and believe it or not I'm really a pretty shy person. So the entire concept of joining a coven or seeking out others outside the safety of my little box was something that never entered my mind.

I commented on Kallan's blog and moved on with my crazy busy day. I did stop to consider a couple of times what I should blog about today but generally I kept my day humming along. Like so many of us out there today, the economy is killing me. Hubby and I lost our business and I spend most of my time coming up with new ways to make things or sell things to help make ends meet. Hubby is pounding the pavement looking for work and we've got the candles, the oils, the positive thoughts and of course the applications out across the US!

A little later in the day I saw a reference to another posting related to the Pagan Community. Amy over at The Realm of the Green Witch posted a similar post around how the pagan community can react to a threat. She talks about shopping in your local stores and spending the few extra pennies to help support the community instead of ordering off the internet.

Strangely enough at that same moment I got an email from Kay Soto over at Truely Unique in Wilson. I did a blog post on her shop a while back. It's about an hour from me. I attended one of her herb classes and signed up to attend one coming this Friday. I've turned that email from Kay into a note on Facebook.

I sit here and spend a lot of time on the internet trying to find places that don't charge to sell my wreaths, or hubby's dream catchers. I spend so much energy trying to find materials online, something shipped directly to my house so that I don't have to spend the gas money to drive out to pick up this or that.

I've decided that's going to change. If we want our community to be strong, we must support it. We must network. Yes, I said the N word. Not networking on the computer. Network in person. Step out from behind that monitor and attend a gathering. Offer to host a night at your local pagan store. Offer to maybe car pool on a particular night to that store that's an hour away. This is our community and it needs support.

A relationship doesn't just grow. Much like an herb garden, as all witches know, you must tend it. You have to pull the weeds. You have to water it. You have to talk to it and love it to watch it grow. The relationship we have with our religion; with our community needs that same dedication and attention.

Here's to taking care of our own.

Namaste & Blessed Be