Throwing the Bones with Sister Sarah

Last night I attended a class at Kay Soto's store Truely Unqiue. Our Teacher was Sister Sarah and the Class was called "Throwing the Bones".

Throwing the bones is the ancient art of divination through the use of old bones. A specific collection of bones is used, each with a specific meaning. Those bones are then tossed on the ground or on an animal skin, each part having a specific meaning. The bones are then interrupted by a spirit worker or diviner.

In this particular version of Throwing the Bones, the bone set, or Bula is made up of four distinct bone pieces. The Thola, a short fat bone representing then older feminine positive. This is the foundation bone, it gives you strength. The Cohado, a long thin bone, is the younger feminine represents strength and endurance and concerns itself with the long term causes or outcomes. It can also represent chaotic or destructive female influences. The Imbay, the smallest of the bones represents the older masculine and clarifies a situation or adds credence to another bones message, depending on how it falls. The Scita, the broken bone represents the younger male positive and is the strongest bone in the reading. It highlights problems concerns or troubles plaguing the subject of the reading. The broken end often points to the bone or the field that it senses conflict in.

The field or locations on the mat, skin or ground are set up much like the peace symbol. The area is divided into three points or areas. The top right (called Earth) represents long time frames, and emotions such as love, hate, anger and base instincts as well as Ancestral spirits. The top left (called Plant) represents medium time frames. transient but long lasting situations such as career, education, relationships and finance as well as Familiar spirits. The bottom (called Animal) represents short time frames. Immediate but inconsequential concerns. Anxieties, worries and impulsive acts as well as Nature spirits.

As with many other forms of divination I have reviewed the instructor guides us to keep a journal of our throws and the outcomes. She recommends spending time casting for yourself and using situations that you already know the outcome of to see how the bones land. Find a set of bones that are unique to you and treat them as you would any other magical tool. Learn to feed and care for the bones much like you do a set of crystals or a tarot deck. Working more with a divination tool defines you as their keeper and assists in making sure that you are truly connected to the spell work you are preforming.

My thoughts on the class itself are pretty positive. Sister Sarah seems very comfortable with her art and gave a very informative representation of it. She was able to give a sample reading by asking the class to provide questions. At one point I felt as though she were directly addressing a question that I came to the class with. I have had a romantic situation which I have been helping a friend with over the past few months. I heard back that the love interest was professing undying love and a desire to move forward. With each example Sister Sarah presented in her "example" romantic reading the male influence was always separated from the female by the Cohado. She explained several times that this was showing an infidelity. As I didn't ask the bones the question directly I can not say that this specific message was intended to be an answer to my question, but it does lead me to believe that I should advise my friend to be weary of the situation.

Sister Sarah is a certified Root Worker and Psychic Reader. Her specialities include Setting Lights (Candle spells) Mojo Bags, Court Spells and Gambling Charms, Rituals for Love & Lust, Bone Diviniations and much more. Sister Sarah also has her own line of spiritual supplies such as oils, crystal bath, sache powders, incense, herbs and so much more. Her items are available at Truely Unique in Wilson, NC or at her Etsy Shop.

She is available for consultations and readings in person, by phone or email.

You can reach Sister Sarah by email at, by phone at 252-525-0923 or on the web at

If you would like to learn more about Throwing the Bones, Sister Sarah has a kit with instructions and sample clay bones to practice with. She will also be at Truely Unique's Kindred Spirit and Divination Night on July 30th starting at 3:00 PM and will be available to schedule consultations.

Remember, get out and support your local Pagan Shops, they really need your business.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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