Truely Unique - Wilson NC

Thanks to a suggestion by Tina, a friend on Facebook, I visited a little shop today that was indeed Truely Unique. The owner Kay greeted me from the back of the cottage, with a chipper Hello there!

I walked around the entry way and found an amazing collection of items.

The first to catch my attention were the crystal balls. As some of you may know I recently purchased a crystal ball from "Pagan Stuff Cheap" and just love it.

The crystals at Truely Unique are amazing. The sizes are extraordinary and the selection is amazing.

As I walked around the shop, it was really homey. I felt completely at ease here. There was nothing dark or negative to be found. The entire house had been converted into an amazing shop. The kitchen housed the herbs and teas. Kay is a third generation herbalist as well as the owner operator of the location. She sells herbs, teas and even a vegetarian dip that I'm eager to give a try. The store has over 250 different herbs and blends available. They even ship!

While chatting with Kay, she offered me a lovely cup of tea, which was completely delightful. I have to admit, a wonderful welcoming environment.

She chatted with me for nearly an hour about the shop's class schedule and some of the activities that they plan to have going on through out the remainder of the year. I was a bit surprised that there was this thriving pagan community so close to me. Kay mentioned that they have a community garden and offer a divination night where folks come around to offer insights from beyond to those eagar to know more about the past present or future.

For the last 6 years I've been looking for a group and this one was here just a short drive away.

Kay went on to tell me about the Monster Bash that's coming up to benefit the Spiral Scout Troop that they've helped to sponsor.

Here's a few of their upcoming events:
Herb Class with Kay - July 7th - $5 fee

Drawing Down The Moon - Open Circle - July 14th from 8:30 - 11:30 - Free

Candle Magic with Rosemary Grace - July 16th 6:00 - 9:00 - $10 fee

You can find links to the great events being put on at Truely Unique by checking out their Events page on Facebook.

Hubby even volunteered to take me to whatever event I wanted to attend as he felt that of all religions "Pagans" seem to be the most accepting group. I tend to agree.

At home now I sit looking over the photos I took and sipping on a cup of the Fairy Delight Tea she sent me home with and I have to say, it was a wonderful experience. The shop delightful, the hostess amazing and the tea, well the tea is Truely Unique.

Truely Unique can be found on the web at, a Blog and an Etsy Shop.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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Hailey Marie said...

That sounds wonderful! I'm still searching for a little shoppe in my area.