My First Group Circle

So this weekend I joined the Wilson Pagans in celebrating Lammas. Hubby & I had a wonderful time.

I have to make a few statements first. I've been a solitary for the past 20 years. About 6 years ago I stopped actively practicing. Just about a year or so ago I started up again. I've never been in a coven or involved in any organized pagan groups. In my adventures to pagan shops and joining groups online I found that adding a lot of others to the mix eventually led to the "My God is better than your God" discussion or "My Title is better than your Title" which was a major turn off so I avoided them like the plague.

Over the past two months I've attended some classes at Truely Unique in Wilson and have become much more comfortable with the owners there Kay and Osvaldo Soto. Kay invited hubby and I to the celebration on Saturday and I decided to fight my shyness and head over there.

At first it was a little scary. I am a wall flower. Not really social and completely filled with nervous energy. So of course I stuck out like a sore thumb. Hubby was overwhelmed with the amount of energy in the room. He felt completely at ease however with the people there and we listened to the chat around the room. There was discussion of politics and government as well as to the magical. The small house that is certainly unique was separated into rooms where we had divination going on with Tarot, Tea leaf readings and bone throwing. Another room which we use for class on occasion was set up for Reiki healing. The kitchen area, where we have herb class was arranged with chairs and tea for sipping and chatting.

It was over 104 degrees outside but this little house, full of people and energy stayed amazingly cool. I met several people, Misty (who makes an amazing vegan chocolate cake), James who seems to have the spirit of a Sprite living in his soulful eyes and Tina, without whom I would have never even found the little store. I joined Tina in helping keep the kids occupied by making corn cupcakes and playing hid the faerie with a small smurf figure Tina had. After the cupcakes, adults and kids alike took turns working with corn husks, bits of fabric, glitter and a glue gun to make corn dollies. We spent the time creating them with the intent of offering them back to the fire later that night.

As the day was moving along I was amazed at how many people could fit inside this tiny little store. We had dulcimer music by Mermaid Morrigan which was simply amazing. I picked up a CD and actually have it playing right now as I write this. We decided to let hubby take part in the readings as he's a complete skeptic and we wanted to see what he thought of my "new friends".

His review was wonderful, from Tarot to Tea and from cards to bones he had a wonderful time. The energy he got from the diviners was amazing. Our ride home on the motorcycle consisted of him giving me all the info he had received from them. Our headsets were busted so I couldn't speak only listen. That's probably the only way he was able to get a word in edgewise because we chatted, well ... he chatted the entire hour ride home about how much fun he had and about how talented this group actually was.

I couldn't elaborate on my experience, as I mentioned, busted mic on the headset. But when we finally got home I was able to tell him how powerful the circle was. Never having been in one myself I was a bit nervous about what to expect. At the introduction we were told that the person leading the circle was doing it for the first time as well. This made me feel a little more comfortable. At least I knew if I made a mistake, she would understand.

We lit a fire and called the quarters. We entered the circle and participated in a chant to draw energy into the circle. I held hands with people who just hours before were complete strangers to me. Yet, now, we were here all together participating in something very personal to each of us. And I felt a part of the family. We laughed, we sang, we had cakes and ale. And finally we closed the circle.

Feeling a little drained I assisted with cleanup just as the rain started. Hubby and I said our goodbyes and headed out down that hour drive home as the light misty rain parted and let the stars shine on our trip.

I felt absolutely amazing. I've contacted this group about becoming a member and plan to attend NC Pagan Pride with them. I will be attending more class's at Kay's place and hopefully given time and some of the future that the diviners presented to hubby, we will be here participating with this group for a while to come.

I hope everyone had as wonderful time as I did. And I thank this group for allowing me to come in and participate.

Namaste and Blessed Be



Vickie said...

I am SO happy you enjoyed your first Circle! It's an amazing experience and one you will always remember. Sending wishes for many more wonderful experiences for you and hubby.

Maybe we'll get to meet at CNC PPD, we are going to try to be there on Saturday.

Love and hugs,

Sosanna said...

I'll do my best to let you know the time I sign up for. It's my understanding that this group usually staffs the front gate so I'll probably do that as well. I would love to get to meet you there. HUGS!

Blessed Be!

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

So excited about this for you! Positive community experiences can be so uplifting!

Misty said...

First I want to say I LOVE your blog! Do you let fb know when you have posted a new one? I am going to follow your writings because it is some great info! You and your hubs were awesome and I am glad you were there to share my birthday :) It was my second circle ever. At one point we didn't want to do formal circles because we each have our own beliefs and paths and we were afraid we would make someone feel bad. Then we realized as a teaching/learning group it is never EVER a bad thing to learn about someone else and to see how others do things :) I am so glad you guys enjoyed it!

Sosanna said...

Thanks so much Misty! I do participate in the Networked Blogs, so it's posted on Facebook when I do an update. I also of course share like crazy to get new followers. I'm glad to have met you too, it was wonderful and scary meeting everyone all at one time. We had a great time. That cake was freaking amazing! :)

I look forward to you comments and hope that you continue to enjoy my postings here. Sometimes I rant sometimes I cry, most often I'm a little of everything.

Blessed Be!

Sosanna said...

Thanks for your Post Kat. I really had no idea how positive it would be. I was really concerned about the different people all in one area and conflicts starting. Especially after I learned that everyone there follows a slightly different path. However it was as you said completely uplifting!

Thanks for your comment!
Blessed Be.