Retrograde - AGAIN

Yes my friends it's that time again. Mercury has gone into retrograde. Generally screwing up communications, travel, appointments and so on out the window. According to Rob Tillett on Astrology on the Web we'll have this wonderful environment in effect until August 26th.

So what does that mean? Misinformation, confusion, mental lapse to start out. Generally when Mercury goes into retrograde things go awry. The website Parker's Planets gives the example of George Bush's infamous landing on an aircraft carrier to declare victory in the war with Iraq as an example.

I tried searching the web for other examples of chaos while mercury is in retograde and found one web page that refers to events that happen while the it was in Leo. I'll share those just the same.

Here's a few examples from the 90's.

Public report released that 2/3 of underground waste dumps in Ontario, Canada, pose a threat to human health, 1986; Leo
NIH experts say most pain sufferers are either over or under-medicated, 1986; Leo
8 Soviet republics declare or re-affirm transitional or complete independence: Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldavia, 1991; Leo
Australia, Scandinavian nations, European Community recognize new Baltic nations, 1991; Leo
Communist 74-year reign of USSR ended, 1991; Leo (SD)
Natural Resources Defense Council report that over 2000 US beaches were closed in 1991 because of raw sewage or other pollutants, 1992; Leo
Agreement by Czech and Slovak Republics to separate, 1992, Leo
Film of "Tailhook" sex abuse disclosed, 1992; Leo
Canadian study links drinking cows milk with juvenile diabetes, 1992; Leo
Chinese airliner explodes, killing 106, injuring 26, 1992; Leo
Iraq reasserts sovereignty over Kuwait, 1992; Leo
Chinese stock market riots; more than 1 million people involved, 1992; Leo (SD)

What can we do? Here's a few tips for surviving .....

Leave early for appointments, anything can happen to slow you down. Mercury governs travel and communication so when it retrogrades some of it's powers are diminished. Double check those directions, confirm appointment times and be sure that you have crossed your T's and dotted your I's.

On a personal note, hubby has a big job interview right smack dab in the middle of this whole business. As we all know you shouldn't sign on the dotted line, or begin new endeavors while Mercury is in retrograde. That being said, we know that if he does take this new job, we can expect changes in it.

I'm also spending this time preparing for spell work with a small group on this DC-40 business. I've made a blog post about it previously and won't go into it again right now. But for those interested in defending your right to religious freedom please feel free to contact me directly and help support the cause.

Namaste & Blessed Be

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