What is DC-40 in plain English?

Hello Bloggers, Pagans and Readers. I've been asked if I could "break down" the DC-40 thing into plain English.

This is what I came up with.

Website www.dc40.net & http://40daysoverdc.com/

DC-40 is an initiative to lay siege, their words not mine, to the city of Washington DC, Philadelphia specifically and then in all the the other states and then through worship (prayer) change the atmosphere there over 51 consecutive days. Oct 3 – Nov 22.

Three focused days let by Cindy Jacobs will be a special focus day where they will pray there in Washington as well in organized states across the US on Oct 31, Nov 1 and Nov 2.

The two groups behind this are:

Reformation Prayer Network - led by Cindy Jacobs a self proclaimed prophet, who took part in Rick Perry’s “The Response” which was funded by the American Family Association a known hate group with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Mrs Jacobs is extremely homophobic and is an end time’s prophet.


Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network - led by John Benefiel who has posted the video at dc40.net and released others stating that he is going to use his spiritual authority to exercise a divorce from Baal and rename Washington DC to the District of Christ. Mr. Benefiel is also teamed up with Rick Perry and states publically that the Statue of Liberty is a Demonic Idol and that homosexuality is an Illuminati plot. He blames this countries problem on the pagan founders.

Great blog post about it can be found here.


And Right Wing Watch has an article here.

These groups together are working to have the United States to move to a state of biblical law. They are beginning their action by removing all pagans (non-Christians) from office and stating that our gods, our non Christian gods are their enemy. Each of the individuals supporting this effort have ties to various statements regarding attacks on non Christian groups, attacks on the LGBT Community and with this effort to Pray away the Pagan Goddess Columbia they are staying that the first amendment only provides Christians with the protections it grants.

The group Hail Columbia (http://hailcolumbia.us/) and on Facebook is working to organize pagan people around the US to have a response action to this attack on the first amendment. Each state’s coordinator will relay information to the local groups on meetups and events. Local groups can share their information via the Coordinator or directly to the group on the facebook page on what types of actions they are planning. They can be private, public, covens, groups or solitary.

Anyone wishing to join us in this process please feel free to contact me directly via email or on the Hail Columbia website.

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