Get Off Your Broom Fitness Challenge - Week 2 Check In

So this week I was able to get the dizziness to finally stop. I'm not sure if it's directly the cause but cutting down my workouts to every other day has made a huge difference. I'm thinking that if I'm going to have this strong of a workout (Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred) then I'll need to increase my caloric intake.

Here's a short example of the shred.

So on to the measurements. I weighed yesterday and noticed that my first weigh in was off. The Wii fit yesterday said I was at 164. (arg)

Weight 164 lbs
Chest 37 in
Waist 35 in
Hips 41 in
Thighs 23 in
Arms 12.5 in

My numbers from last week
Weight 161 lbs
Chest 37 in
Waist 36 in
Hips 41 in
Thighs 23 in
Arms 12.5 in

From the looks of it, (unless I measured wrong) my waist went down a bit and my weight went up. Ah well, we'll keep it going. I'm debating on adding the photos still. We'll see how it goes.

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Namaste & Blessed Be


Diandra said...

The Shred is tough - I stuck with it till almost the end when my daily routine changed and ate the time designated for it, but it's really, REALLY tough.

Alexis Kennedy said...

Yikes! that snippet was enough to wear me out ;) Hang in there!

Sapphire said...

It's looking good from my perspective! A slight gain isn't much to worry about. But you've gotten me wanting to get started on the Shred. I bought it, but haven't done it yet...I might be getting on my workout gear and get moving while Rowan's busy and Xander's sleeping!